Nerd Academy

We believe in earning Dollars and spending Rands. We believe that University degrees are overrated. We believe that you can live in the middle of the Karoo and still have a world class career.

We take unemployed people in our community, and help them:

  • pitch on foreign business online
  • learn how to win & keep clients
  • study relevant courses online (most of them free)
  • get inspired by other successful international "remote workers" in the gig economy
  • have a supportive group of nerds all working toward a common goal - building great careers for themselves and each other.
 Our vision? Turn the Somerset East, and the Eastern Cape into a “tech mecca”. We’ve got the right time zone to serve Europe, USA and Asia. And we’ve got the motivation. It’s time to remove the stigma of expensive universities and start kicking a**.

Sound crazy? We're drinking the Koolaid and our nerds are proving success every day!