We had a super time meeting everyone as a sponsor of Oracle NetSuite SuiteWorld 2018!

Learn. Create. Share.

That's our mission around here, and we tried to introduce new and exciting touch points for NetSuite.

Expo Recap

  • We shared our mascots in new exciting technology mediums. Suite Commerce Advanced customers now have the option to 3D render products for sale in native NetSuite web stores. Kudo's to our friends at 3DPrintingColorado for imaging the "team".
  • We shared the power of the modern cloud and how NetSuite is a great platform for leveraging and connecting IoT devices to solve problems. Our mascot Cozmo was showing off by accepting performing IoT workflows and communicating with NetSuite.
  • We shared the message of the importance of dimensions and imaging in managing freight, how we use native NetSuite SuiteScript functions to extend NetSuite to the world of vision based high speed scanning. Kudo's to our friends at Cognex for letting us use their awesome equipment.
  • And of course, we loved sharing our great SuiteApp PriorityShip live and in person. It was amazing to learn of the challenges shippers have communicating with carriers across the globe, and we've added several new features to our product road map.

Booth 111 was our home for the week:)

Check out our "commercials"

Follow these links below and we hope you enjoy our light-hearted messaging from SuiteWorld18. We're not very good at marketing, but we do like to telling our story:)