Release Preview

Greetings NetSuite friends!

As an SDN partner specializing in logistics and ecommerce, we are always looking for new ways to improve our SuiteApps and enhance the amazing Oracle NetSuite platform. We’re excited to announce some new features for PriorityShip, the only NetSuite Native TMS. Controlling freight spend is hard - we work hard to make it easier.

SNEAK PEEK of 19.1 Feature Release:

International Shipments

If you ship international, PriorityShip can assist with routine documentation requirements such as:

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Shipper's Letter of Instruction
  3. Verified Gross-Mass Declaration

Broker Management

PriorityShip now handles the shipment bid request/response process, enabling the logistics team to send a shipment to multiple brokers, and have those brokers respond online for fast bid management. Bid acceptance is automated to assist in managing the paperwork and tracking.

For SOX compliance controls, bid responses can be secured, providing documentation for price negotiation / approval procedures.

GS1 Pallet & Box Labels

PriorityShip now handles industry standard GS1 labeling requirements, natively in NetSuite.

Public Load Boards (

PriorityShip is now an approved, integrated TMS with Large logistics teams can post and manage loads on the load board, enabling fast response for spot carrier contracting.

Inbound Container Tracking

PriorityShip now provides container tracking information so it's always available from your routine NetSuite transactions (PO's, SO's, Inv Transfers, etc).

SNEAK PEEK of 18.2 Feature Release:

Multi-location Logistics

If your company leverages omnichannel fulfillment, PriorityShip is ready for you! PriorityShip's multi-location logistics feature creates the required logistics transactions for motor freight carriers per location from a single sales order.

Suite Commerce LTL Rating

PriorityShip LTL rating is now available for e-commerce companies whose products require LTL (less than truckload) delivery.

Small Package

At SW18, we heard everyone loud and clear. PriorityShip now can rate and transact with popular ground carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and others.

Estimating Shipping Cost

PriorityShip is available for use from the NetSuite estimate and sales order transactions, enabling quick access to rate LTL shipments for price estimates.

Blind Shipments

PriorityShip can accommodate drop shipments, special orders, and blind shipping on sales orders, ensuring the name conventions required in unique sales and fulfillment situations are correct.

Carrier Performance Measurement

Quality management systems suggest sound vendor relationship management. PriorityShip now includes a measurement system to track the quality of each logistics movement by a motor freight carrier.

Packing Containers

PriorityShip now includes packing containers that can be used to link inventory items to shipping units, simplifying the final shipping units and measurements.