NetSuite Native TMS System

PriorityShip is a transportation management system designed natively in NetSuite, built by a logistics company, specifically for NetSuite customers. It bridges the functional gap from standard NetSuite parcel shipping to include LTL and truckload sized shipments, and the complexities of pricing and accounting that come with a large supply chain.

PriorityShip is simple to get and easy to use. As a NetSuite approved bundle, it's a quick "add / setup" process. PriorityShip is available as a monthly subscription, coterminous with your NetSuite license.

Logistics is about planning and execution, in volume - fast and repeatable. With NetSuite and PriorityShip, your logistics team has the tools to plan and optimize transportation costs, while also simplifying the carrier billing and freight bill audit, all within your native NetSuite account. "One System, No Limits" has been an ERP gold standard, and PriorityShip is the link to the world of transportation.

Check out this quick overview

Management Viewpoint:

PriorityShip eliminates inefficient manual price comparisons and phone calls by warehouse staff, improving throughput, accuracy, and transportation costs. And since PriorityShip is part of your NetSuite ERP, your business analytics can now incorporate logistics metrics.

Sales Viewpoint:

Instantly get delivery costs for a sales order, avoiding embarrassing price fluctuations based on inaccurate estimates. Quick rating of LTL costs can be done directly from an opportunity, an estimate, or sales order.

Accounting Viewpoint:

PriorityShip provides traditional “3-way match” ensuring the carrier bills match the actual shipment details. It accounts for freight costs based on customer invoice dates (ship date), eliminating the need for time consuming accruals.

Logistics Viewpoint:

PriorityShip is native to NetSuite, so no more 3rd party software interfaces to learn. PriorityShip prints labels and bill of lading documents directly from NetSuite. A “load board” keeps the focus on the status of all shipments.

What does PriorityShip not do? PriorityShip does not work outside of NetSuite. The professionals at Priority Suite believe in the single database model for any business. If your company does not use NetSuite for order management, inventory, fulfillment, eCommerce, and accounting, we'll be glad to help get you in touch with our friends at NetSuite. Priority Suite is a proud SDN Partner, but we do not re-sell NetSuite or do initial implementations. We help our customers maximize NetSuite with advanced scripting and development, and we are laser focused on solving logistical problems.

Laser Focus, as demonstrated by one of our team members, Rocket Dog!