We love the platforms that Google offers. Anytime we have to use computing resources outside of Netsuite, we go with these guys.

Google Cloud Computing Platform (GCP)

The economies of scale provided by Google, Amazon AWS and others is a reality, and matching the scale and security of these services in a private data center is cost prohibitive for normal businesses. The team at Priority Suite jumped on the "cloud" bandwagon around the time our friends at NetSuite rolled out their platform, and we've enjoyed the same simplicity and economies with NetSuite for many years now. In a way, we've grown up in the cloud.

Computing resources "as a service" can be overwhelming at first. We've used AWS and now GCP and are true believers. So when we need computing resources outside of NetSuite, we go to Google.

Google G-Suite

Priority leverages Google G-Suite. In fact, this site runs on the easy to use Sites app. So we're big fans!

Google Assistant

The age of voice enabled applications is here. Check out this video - one of our engineers playing around with Google Dialogflow and Google Actions.