Say Goodbye to old EDI

Our friends at Docparser have created a wonderful platform for turning PDFs into usable data. We take that data and make it work for you in NetSuite! EDI is old and complicated. Use Docparser to quickly capture information from PDF files and have the data sent to directly to your NetSuite account securely.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Get a trial account at
  2. Contact the P-Suite team by clicking HERE
  3. We'll help you build your first workflow in Docparser in a 15 minute web conference.

The P-Suite team then matches the Docparser workflow to the corresponding NetSuite record type, and provides the NetSuite script to handle the record according to your unique business needs.

Every effort is made to deliver scripts within 48 hours. Time is based on scheduling of available resources. Each document type requires a quick implementation project, done at nominal cost.

GoodByeEDI record instances are billed at $50/mo per Docparser workflow. Each Docparser workflow maps to a unique NetSuite record.

Say Goodbye to old EDI