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I've put allot of time and effort into creating a workable environment for motivated people to build a business and run it for themselves by using the technology that is provided through the Princeton Star Group and a wide area International Network of Trusted Technology Partners.

Chriss Sather- Owner

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Google Apps is available to the Princeton Star Group partners, collaborators and clients who request an account during our partnership, from this point on these services will be known as the Princeton Star Apps.

Princeton Star Apps is a suite of web-based messaging and collaboration apps that's been implemented by the business to allow for a smoother flow of communication and file sharing during our business partnership. Google is the tech partner for my organization and the information provided to users of Princeton Star will be shared through a secure encrypted cloud business app environment and is hosted on Google servers. You simply use a web browser on your computer that's connected to the internet to access these applications when you are a member of Princeton Star . You can sync your online apps to your own computer, laptop, tablet, phone and work seamlessly between all of your connected devices. Extend your integration even more by adding more apps to the Chrome browser through the Google Play store directly from your Princeton Star Apps while you are logged into your account. The Princeton Star Apps are offered free to collaborators, employees and partners of Kathouz Publishing and the Princeton Star Group.

Get some peace of mind and allow the experts to help you run this part of your business. The Princeton Star Group recommends that you pursue and learn more about Google Apps and acquire your own G Suite Application environment to manage all of your own business tech issues and concerns for a very affordable price.

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