Get Involved

Regular Meetings

Every week the collective has a meeting to discuss various things such as the current status of the collective, past and future events, and improvements to the collective. An easy way to get involved with the collective is to attend these meetings. They take place in the pride space (SUB B010) at 2:30 PM on Fridays.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual general meeting is a larger meeting in which voting for positions occurs as well as possible changes to the constitution. Food is provided and the date and location of the meeting is posted on the calendar

Join a Circle

The collective has small subgroups within it called "Circles". Each circle has a specific theme or goal. Example circles would be; Queer Person Of Colour Circle, Transfeminine Circle, or Bisexual Circle. Each circle has the ability to organise meetings and events which will show on the calendar. Joining one of these meetings or events hosted by a circle is a great way to get involved.