On Tuesday, 17 March, Pride announced a temporary shutdown period to encourage social distancing initiatives - see our full announcement here. Later, on Monday 23 March, a government mandate forced all licensed venues to close. Pride, like all similar bars and many other business, will need support to make it through, from government, from supporters, from owners, from suppliers, from staff, from everyone. People have been getting right behind us though, it's been inspiring!


The bar is supporting its employees during this time and in turn will require support at times during the crisis to ensure it can return. There's a number of fun ways to help the bar, its employees and performers;

1) PRIVE LIVE!! Pride will be broadcasting live shows to the internet so you can watch from home and still enjoy great drag and great bands during isolation. Simply follow Pride's channel at Our first ever live stream was Saturday 21 March, 8:30pm - 10:30pm with a DRAG VARIETY SPECIAL! And we're doing the same on Saturday 28 March. Watch at and if you're not on your device, tips can be made to support the shows at or

2) Self-Bingolation Pride is bringing riotess Drag Bingo into the home, online, starting Wednesday April 1, 7:30pm, including safe (contactless) delivery of bingo books & drinks if you live in Melbourne's West. You can play outside Melbourne's West, the bingo numbers will just be emailed to you. Keep across the website or Facebook event for more.

3) Drink Cards! You can buy now, cheaply and drink later, deliciously! We have two options, a $150 drink card for $100 or a $75 drink card for $50. Can't wait to have you back using these!

4) Become a member! You can become a Pride Member for $50 and get 15% off drinks for the 12 months after we re-open. Members will also get a range of other benefits which we'll announce from time to time, i.e. a chance to have one of the drag stars perform your favourite song for example. To become a member, please make the payment to "Pride Bar Savings", Westpac, BSB 033049 A/C 652211 or alternatively card to and then email and your card will be sent to you!

5) eBay Store! We've got some amazing merch already including Pride hoodies, drink cards and NAUGHTY SIMON stubbie holders. There'll be heaps more to come as well, including some great community partnerships.

6 Donations | We encourage you to support the PRIDE LIVE broadcasts, Self-Bingolation and to consider either becoming a Pride Member, buying a Drinks Card or checking out the PRIDE eBAY STORE (includes drink cards etc), however if you simply want to donate (as some have already asked), please send any contributions to "Pride Bar Savings", Westpac, BSB 033049 A/C 652211 or alternatively card to - all counts and most appreciated. A way to thank everyone properly will be apparent upon the first day we welcome everyone back! So please include your name. We're also working on memberships, where for a small amount you'll become a member of Pride with great discounts and other benefits for a year once re-opened.