Our Story

A bar of the people, by the people, for the people!

Pride of our Footscray Community Bar is part-owned by nearly 200 people, who chucked in what they could afford to put together our colourful and friendly community space.

Every part-owner had to sign the following pledge: "I am part of the human race and I respect diversity, including but not limited to, diversity of thought, opinion, gender, culture, ethnicity, religion and sexuality".

The bar aims to support the community around it in a multitude of ways;

FOOD | Our food comes from the wonderful Footscray restaurants surrounding us, African, Vietnamese, Chinese & Italian.

BEER | Our tap beer almost exclusively comes from Melbourne and where possible, it comes from the Western Suburbs, so you'll regularly be able to drink beer or cider brewed in Footscray or Spotswood or Laverton or Derrimut or Geelong.

COMMUNITY GROUPS | We have had a number of community groups meet at the bar, including Dykes on Bikes, Bulldog Pride and the Melbourne Rainbow Band.

EDUCATION | We have had a number of politicians and subject matter experts speak on our stage and we plan to continue that, in the style of the traditional "village square", giving a platform to people who have something to say.

ART | We allow local artists a couple of months each to hang their art in the bar for sale and we have a night during each exhibition where the artists are interviewed on stage to find out more about them and their art.

POETRY | We have a regular poetry night for the poets of Melbourne, including two paid feature poets.

MUSIC | We love music and have had a host of local musicians perform on our stage, from acoustic guitar to harp to cello to trumpet to punk.

DRAG | We employ drag performers of all descriptions, from classic camp drag, to new-age drag, to drag kings to faux queens.

SPORT | We love sport and celebrate particularly the Western Bulldogs. We've been fortunate to have a number of AFL Pride groups meet at the bar, either to socialise or to watch their favourite team play on TV. We also sponsor a local female soccer team, Maidstone United.

BITCOIN | To welcome the technical community, we accept Bitcoin, i.e. you can pay for your food and beverages with Bitcoin. We have also had Bitcoin educational nights.

If you are interested in more detail about any of the above, please email meet@prideofourfootscray.bar or call Mat (venue manager) on 0488 178871