Celebrating Footscray


Footscray is a wonderful place, where an incredibly diverse population lives happily together. Everybody just seems to get along. We're hoping the same happens within Pride of our Footscray Community Bar.

The diversity within Footscray enables our menu to feature delicious food from the local African, Vietnamese, Chinese and Italian restaurants surrounding us.

Footscray and inner-West are also home to many talented artists, poets, musicians and performers, many of whom have already graced our stage.

Footscray is also home to the mighty Western Bulldogs Football Club and our Sports Room is essentially a shrine to the Doggies. Go Doggies!

Footscray, its surrounds and everyday life are the subject of several of our walls. The wall behind our stage highlights the journey between Flinders Street station and the Whitten Oval, featuring all the highlights in between, including the fabled Franco Cozzo building. The walls of our Footscray Karaoke Room also feature icons of Footscray, including the mud crabs seen at the famous Footscray Market which is opposite the bar.

Footscray overall remains deeply underrated. It's street art rivals that of the city. It's cheap shopping is a joy. It's food is cheap . It's diversity means you'll regularly see things you've never seen before. It's people are as friendly as anywhere and strangers regularly chat freely in the bar.

And finally, Footscray is separated from the CBD only by the docks, i.e. it's only a very short Uber away or, on PT, it's 2 train stops from the city.