Helmken/Suggs Happenings

Welcome to our team! Building positive, strong relationships is a goal that we strive for every year. A close partnership between us can pay enormous dividends for our students in the future. Therefore, if you ever have questions or concerns about the progress of your child, please don't hesitate to call or stop in for a visit. Before and after school are the best times to chat. You may email us at paul.helmken@prescottschools.com or kelli.suggs@prescottschools.com. No doubt you are aware that you can check your student's grades and daily progress online through PowerSchool, but we encourage you to check in with us more frequently.

Here at Granite Mountain, we view our classrooms as a team. If a student is disruptive to the team concept, there are a series of logical consequences. The first infraction results in a verbal warning. If the student persists with inappropriate behaviors, he/she will spend some recess time reflecting in the form of a letter. This consequence will hopefully allow students to think about how their behavior has affected the classroom climate. If a third infraction occurs, a student will serve a lunch detention, and one of us will call you so that we can conference about the areas of concern. The idea is to be fair and consistent.

Our classroom rules are:

1. Be ready to learn.

2. Respect yourself and others.

3. Be a responsible student.

Positive behaviors, achievements, and instances where students exhibit perseverance will be recognized as well. Indeed as a team, we will consistently remind students about the importance of never giving up, and how to successfully overcome obstacles. As a district, we will be incorporating and emphasizing cooperative learning structures within lesson plans, as cooperation is such an essential life skill. There will also be a huge emphasis on attendance and lack of tardies. Please assist us in our attempts to instill these values by making sure our fifth graders arrive on time.