Penobscot River Educational Partnership

Latest News: PREP hosted a series of PREP Talks! These sessions were designed to be collaborative, Zoom discussions around many of the products, processes, and strategies recently used in our immediate transition to online learning!

All sessions were recorded and will be available for future viewing here.

All PREP sponsored in-person events and meetings are cancelled until further notice. Please stay home and stay safe.

PREP - the Penobscot River Educational Partnership - is an action-centered collaborative focused on enhancing the learning of Pre K-12 students by continually improving teaching and the educational experiences of all learners.

The Partnership

The rapid pace of change and innovation in education, the challenge of identifying scarce resources for teaching and learning, and the persistent social demands for more effective schools require that educators blur the institutional boundaries that have historically existed. Only through identifying common needs and sharing resources can schools and universities meet the expectations of our society.

From this site we will share the PREP:PDN event calendar and news from our various events.