Private Music Lessons - All Ages


Piano lessons at Premier Performance are fun and innovative. Using a combination of books, games, and supplemental music, students will learn to conquer the piano in a safe and stress-free environment. Students will not be stuck behind the piano the whole lesson drilling scales and exercises (although we do cover those basic, fundamental skills). Instead, we find that creating out-of-the-box teaching methods tailored to the individual student’s learning style is a much more effective and rewarding teaching style. Students of all ages and levels are welcome. This is not your average piano lesson!


Voice lessons at Premier Performance go above and beyond the average music studio. Students learn all aspects of a healthy vocal approach, which includes creating a solid breathing foundation, fostering accurate pitch development, working support exercises, and other basic musicianship skills, as well as developing a beautiful and clear sound. In addition to the foundational elements of singing, our instructors also work performance technique with the students (including staging and character development) so that their performances are well-rounded and powerful. Singing is a confidence-booster as well and Premier has had great success transforming shy students into confident individuals. Many students have won the prestigious “Gold” awards at the Indiana State School Music Association competitions, have had roles in school musicals, and have been accepted into the prestigious high school show choirs.

Guitar, Ukulele, & Bass Guitar

Guitar, Ukulele & Bass lessons are fun and cool! Our innovative teacher’s approach is stress-free, relaxed, and encouraging, and students of all ages are finding success on their instruments. In the lessons students learn chords and technique while playing hip music. At the beginning of lessons, the student and teacher set up various learning goals, and they work hard to achieve them. In no time, students are even playing and singing along to their favorite tunes!

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