Meet your Audiologist

I'm Dr. Kimberly Jennings. I have been happily helping people hear more clearly and more easily since 1998. When I embarked on my journey toward this healthcare profession, I made a commitment to seek the best training and experiences. This pursuit of excellence took me to the University of Wisconsin, in Madison where I completed my Master’s Degree. I finished my Doctorate of Audiology at the University of Florida in Gainesville. I had the good fortune of working at Boystown National Research Hospital, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center before directing a private audiology practice here on the peninsula.

During that journey I served on multidisciplinary teams, mentored graduate students, peer reviewed literature for publication, provided community education, and served on various boards and committees dedicated to the improvement of lives of persons with hearing loss. However, if I were to compose a resume for you today, the highlights would be less about institutions and training and more about the incredible people I have been allowed to serve and the great joy it brings me to be a part of their success. Whether watching a child hear a parent’s voice for the first time, sharing the joy of an adult hearing speech sounds that have been absent for years, or helping an aging mother not only hear the phone ring when her daughter calls, but to be able to answer it and have a meaningful conversation, and so many others, these moments are my most valuable achievements. It’s about people, their stories, their successes, and their loved ones.

Looking back over the years, I am grateful for the advancements in hearing technology. There are so many reasons why treating hearing loss is not the easiest decision to make. However, the technology has improved in ways that make the adaptation to new sounds much easier. Comfort and aesthetics are no longer difficult to achieve. Success in noisy situations is much more possible. So come in and take the education plunge. Learn what your hearing potential is and how to maximize it; enjoy the space to consider your options without any agenda but the one you set. At Precision Hearing, we understand the invisible disadvantage of hearing loss. Here we have the time to listen to your needs. Precision Hearing is a place where missing information can be found and realistic expectations can be set, met and exceeded so you can spend less of your energy on hearing and more of your energy on living life to the fullest.