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Planning an Annual Inspection for a 55 year Old Beech Bonanza

One of the things I find most enjoyable about owning my Beech Bonanza is the maintenance planning side of things. Yes I love to fly it and travel in it, but for some reason I really geek out when it comes to planning maintenance.

Recently I decided to take a shot at trying to make a video about my upcoming annual and document some of the items I plan to have adjusted/replaced/upgraded. Hope you enjoy the video and learn something in the process!

Jan 3, 2019

Flying Blind - Why VFR Pilots Get In Trouble

Ever heard of 178 seconds to live? My friend Martin Pauly and I went out for breakfast in his A36 Bonanza and we decided to make a video demonstrating him flying "by the seat of his pants" to see how long he could fly before getting into an unusual attitude.

Martin is an in extremely high time, experienced, and skilled pilot, and yet it took him about 3 minutes (180 seconds) before we were in an unusual attitude. Watch the video

Dec 22, 2018