Flight Training

PrecisionAire Aviation LLC, based in Cedar Rapids, IA, specializes in transition and recurrent training in Beechcraft Bonanzas (BE-33, BE-35, and BE-36) and training for the high performance and complex endorsements.

Bonanza Transition Training

Beech Bonanza (BE-33, BE-35, and BE-36) specific transition training is based on the American Bonanza Society (ABS) BPPP curriculum and covers the specifics of the Bonanza systems, performance, and handling characteristics in normal, abnormal and emergency situations. This training satisfies insurance requirements and typically requires a minimum of 10 hours of training time. Additional training can be expected for first-time high performance and/or complex endorsements.

If you are not already a member of the American Bonanza Society, you can learn more about the association at their website: https://www.bonanza.org/

Instrument Training

Learn real-world instrument training that will prepare you to easily pass the instrument practical test and build your confidence to successfully plan for and execute even the most demanding cross-country trips through complex airspace and dynamic weather conditions. Train in real IMC conditions, learn to use advanced weather forecasting products, and develop the tools and experience you need to safety complete your future missions.