Mail Migration

Groupwise to Outlook

Proxy Access

Groupwise proxy permissions that were established between users are NOT migrated to Outlook.

Folder sharing in Outlook is carried out by granting user permissions to the folder(s) you wish to share. The recipient of the share then adds the shared folder to their inbox.

Be sure to record a list of your current proxy accounts in Groupwise to simplify recreating them in Outlook.

Generic accounts such as will be recreated in Outlook as shared mailboxes. Users with previous permissions to these accounts in Groupwise will continue to have access to these accounts in Outlook, however they will have to add the shared folder to their inbox. New permissions to generic accounts can be requested through Tech Support.

The following will be migrated from Groupwise to Outlook

Email - Inbox, sent items, *native cabinet folders, attachments, signatures, priorities.

Contacts - frequent contacts, personal, shared and global address books.

Calendars - personal and shared calendars, appointments, appointments and reminders.

Recurring appointments are migrated as individual appointments and are NOT linked. Updates to appointments in the series must be made on each individual instance in the series.

Archives - The second phase of the project will focus on moving both legacy and Retain archives to Outlook. In the meantime, you will continue access your online Retain archive using a web browser. Your Retain archive can be accessed either by using the "Retain" quick launch icon in the portal or by visiting

*Cabinet folders created within the Apple mail client will not migrate to your new mailbox. You must either establish the folder structure at prior to the migration or within Outlook after the migration.