School Board Committees

2018 School Board Committee Assignments:

Finance, Facilities, Health and Safety, Catch the Pride, and Community Ed committee work is done during work sessions which are normally held on the 1st Monday of the month. You can check the schedule on the School Board page.

(*designates committee recorder)

Negotiations, Certified

  • Chris Cunningham
  • Dawn Rubner
  • Katy Botz
  • Alt: Ryan Trumble

Negotiations, Non-certified

  • Dave Sheley*
  • Wanda Carlson
  • Leslie Bouchonville
  • Alt: Katy Botz

The School Board appoints members to participate on the following committees:

Collaborative Mental Health Board

  • Dave Endicott

Legislative Liaison

  • Dave Endicott

Combined Leadership Team

  • Chris Cunningham

Community Ed Advisory Board

  • Wanda Carlson

Region 5 Board

  • Katy Botz


  • Ryan Trumble

Paul Bunyan Educ. Coop Board

  • Chris Cunningham

Minnesota State High School League

  • Dave Sheley