School Board

Board Info

All regular meetings are open to the public and held in the Pine River Backus High School Library unless otherwise indicated. Families and community members are invited to stream the meetings if they cannot attend. Attendees wishing to comment will need to follow the procedure outlined at the bottom of this page.

Board Calendar

Pine River-Backus Schools ISD 2174 Board Members

Katy Botz

Term Ends: Jan 2023

Leslie Bouchonville

Term Ends: Jan 2023

Wanda Carlson

Term Ends: Jan 2023

Chris Cunningham


Term Ends: Jan 2025

Roger D. Hoplin

Term Ends: 2025

Dave Sheley

Term Ends: 2025

Ryan Trumble

Public Comment Procedure

In the interest of maintaining an orderly meeting, we ask that you adhere to the following established guidelines:

1. Sign up at the beginning meeting so that we know you want to make comments. The comment cards are in the back of the room on the information table and after you fill out the card, you should give it to Cindy or Jolene in the audience area. They will make sure that the Board Chair has the cards and the Chair will recognize speakers based on the cards provided. If you want to make a comment and have not filled out a card, simply raise your hand during public comment time and the Chair will do his/her best recognize you. As always comments must be professional, respectful and not jeopardize the District's obligation to protect data privacy, student confidentiality and employee privacy.

2. Items of concern not on the agenda may be presented during the Open Forum section of the meeting at the end of the agenda.

3. Please limit your comments to three minutes. A longer time may be allowed if deemed appropriate by the Board Chair.

4. During Public Comments and Time for Interaction with the Board on Agenda Items, the Board and Administration will listen to comments and respond immediately if possible and appropriate.

5. Disrespectful comments or comments of a personal nature will not be allowed to be presented or openly discussed during a Board meeting.

6. There will be no discussion of information that is classified as non-public data such as age, marital status, religion, dependents, health information, allegations, or any other information that is classified as both private and confidential by Minn. Stat. Ch. 13. A person who willfully violates data privacy is guilty of a misdemeanor. (Minn. Stat. Ch. 13.09)

7. Personnel concerns should follow the appropriate chain of command. These concerns should be addressed to the Building Principal; the next step should be to present the issue to the Superintendent. The final step would be to present the issue in writing to the School Board.