Current Lab Status:


The Status of the Laboratory was last set at 05:00 AM Tuesday, December 3, 2019.

When severe weather conditions develop (prior to the start of the normal workday) warranting the declaration of a weather emergency, the Laboratory will announce any changes to regular work schedules as early as possible, normally by 5:45 am via this webpage or the following:

Laboratory Telephone Hotline: (609) 243-2034

This page and the Telephone Hotline will be updated as soon as possible when there is an alteration in normal work schedules due to a weather or other emergency.

HOWEVER, The Laboratory's primary mechanism for notification is the Princeton Telephone and E-Mail Notification System TigerAlert (formerly known as PTENS).

The Departmental Calling Trees will be used only in the event of a TigerAlert System Failure. Please review your Department "Calling Tree" with your Supervisor.

For information concerning road conditions near the Laboratory, please view the NJ DOT video cameras: