AP English Literature & Composition

Welcome to the official website for Mrs. Kurasz's AP Literature and Composition class!

Questions? Concerns? Contact Mrs. Kurasz at akurasz@ppasshare.org!

On Location FAQ.docx

How to navigate this site:

  • Every Monday, Mrs. Kurasz will add a new page to this website labeled "Week of ____" (with that Monday's date filling the blank)
  • Keep your eyes peeled for a document that reads "AP Work for the Week of ____" - this will explain all of the work that we'll be completing in class each week.
      • This list covers both classwork and homework.
      • The list will also indicate which assignments you will be excused from if your are absent or on location: these are assignments you are not expected to complete (and they will not affect your grade).
      • If an assignment doesn't say "Excused if absent or on location," that means you are expected to make it up!
  • All other documents within the "Week of ____" page are notes, worksheets, and other materials that we'll be using throughout the week in class.
  • I have only shared documents with you in view mode. If you want to be able to type directly into one of my digital documents, follow the following steps:
      • Click the document to open it up.
      • Click "File" in the top left corner.
      • Click "Make a Copy."
      • Rename the document. I recommend adding your last name in front of whatever title I already gave the document.
        • Heads up: you will need to "share" your document with me if you want me to be able to see the changes you've made!
  • If you have any questions or concerns, just email Mrs. Kurasz!