Untitled Documents

Omnes cum tabula rasa incipiunt

The Literary Magazine of Creative Writing at Poynette High School

Untitled Documents is the literary magazine for the Creative Writing class at Poynette High School, in Poynette, Wisconsin.

Our motto, care of the Latin Club, means "Everyone begins with a blank page." Whenever writers begin the arduous task of creating worlds with words, they are all faced with the same obstacle: a blank sheet of paper, or, in our day and age, an untitled document on a screen. The burden of boundless possibilities can be overwhelming, and causes some writers to give up before they begin.

But once they do begin, and the infinite becomes finite, they start to see a world take shape in their minds and notebooks that they didn't know was there. This marvelous discovery is what writing is all about, and these young writers have discovered many beautiful worlds.

As their stories acquire shape and titles, the rest of the world can now share in their discoveries.

- C. B.