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• We expand and contract with your business. No need to hire and fire, we maintain an adequate staff to keep you competitive.

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We provide exceptional accounting services, bringing data to data users, continuously reducing processing steps, and reducing compliance risks.

Bookkeeping • Tax • Audit • Consultation



  • Daily Bank Reconciliations

  • Financial Statement Preparation

  • Financial Statement Trending and Analysis

  • Internal Control Review

  • Compliance and Licensing Renewal Management

  • TPT/Sales Tax Reporting

  • Forensic Accounting

Asset Management

  • Fleet tracking

  • Maintenance Monitoring

  • Depreciation Schedules

  • Vehicle Registration Renewals

  • Debt Schedules

  • Full mail service

Accounts Receivable

  • Billings

  • Collections

  • Pre-lien and waiver services (Construction Industry)

  • AIA Pay Application Processing (Construction Industry)

Accounts Payable

  • Full Service Payment - ACH, Credit Card, Check

  • Invoice Processing (track, route for approval, record)

  • Account Reconciliations

  • Duplicate Invoice and Payment Audits

  • Vendor Compliance (COIs, W-9s, etc)

  • Credit Card Monitoring, Coding, and Receipt Matching


  • Timecard and Payroll Processing

  • W-2s

  • Garnishments

  • Workers Compensation Reporting

Human Resources

  • Hiring Packet Management

    • I-9s

    • W-9s

    • Healthcare Enrollment

  • Terminations

  • Healthcare Audits

  • ACA Compliance - 1094/1095 reporting

Research & Development Activities

  • Brainstorming Alternative Solutions

  • Identify and Correct Software Gaps

  • Feasibility Analysis

  • Process Development

  • Process Validation

  • Coding and Programming

  • Supervision of R&D Activities

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About Us

Dawson Hale, CPA - Managing Member

Financially manages $40M annually, providing accounting and consulting services to various companies.

Experience includes

  • Auditor at Major University

  • Auditor at one of the largest Workers Compensation Entities in the World.

  • Auditor at the fourth largest Auditing Firms in the World.

  • Has saved companies millions in potential litigation, compliance issues, inefficient processes, bad hires, etc.

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