Your green solution for maintaining solar power sites. 

Why Sheep Grazing?

POWER GRAZERS is a sheep grazing service for solar energy fields. It's a simple and sustainable way to maintain grass and foliage on solar sites, while preventing damage to solar equipment and the environment.

Here's how POWER GRAZERS offers the greenest solution to clean energy maintenance:

How Sheep Grazing works

Through a consultation with POWER GRAZERS, the sheep flock size and schedule will be analyzed to meet your specific solar property needs. We provide quality livestock, expert sheep care and soil conservation tactics to keep your solar property maintained, and our collective mission to protect our environment intact. Additional resources, like fencing and water tanks, are included in every plan.

about power grazers: Meet Jeff Buckham

Meet POWER GRAZERS founder, Jeff Buckham, a multi-generational sheep farmer and lifelong steward of Michigan's land. With over 50 years of experience, one of Jeff's lifelong goals is to leave our lands better and more beautiful. 

At one time, Jeff was a shepherd to more than 2,500 breeding sheep – one of the largest flocks east of the Mississippi River! He's an expert at managing lambs and assessing pastures, and you can expect healthy sheep to maintain your property with efficiency and ease. 

Jeff has attended rotational grazing conferences and has held membership in Kalamazoo's Soil Conservation District, and affiliation with the following organizations:

POWER GRAZERS operates in West Michigan, but Jeff is well-connected to sheep farmers throughout Michigan and nationally.  Consult with him about the location and timing of your solar maintenance needs to find a solution right for you. You're sure to benefit from his knowledge and passion toward land conservation. 

Want sheep grazing for your commercial property?

POWER GRAZERS has a passion for environment-friendly initiatives, and its work goes beyond solar fields. If you're interested in sheep grazing for your business or government property, contact us for an assessment and we'd be happy to assist you. 


Want to learn more about solar grazing? The American Solar Grazing Association (ASGA) has wonderful content about the benefits and logistics of maintaining land through sustainable sheep grazing. 


Contact jeff@powergrazers.com to ask about your project.