Welcome to the team that cares about your power!

Our Mission is to keep you and your team Safe, keep it Reliable, and keep it Local.


Safety is more than just a word with us. We will work with you so that your site, equipment, and contractors can work safely!


Our Team of experts will let you know the condition your equipment is in the day we maintain it. We can work with your team on solutions to issues that can arise.

Local to Texas

One of the advantages of our smaller team is that we can keep work local and support other small businesses.

We are capable of Electrical Maintenace and Testing including, but not limited to:

Circuit Breakers, Transformers, Current Transformers(CT's), Potential Transformers(PT's), Cables, Switchboards, Panelboards, Grounding.

contact us at (303) 506-1939 or SALES@powercareservicesllc.com