You probably were recently asked:

What is the best advice you have either
given someone, or received from someone?

My favorite advice is to ask questions because you never know what you can learn from someone else, while my best advice is below.

Please let me start my answer by giving you my 2nd best advice, because it'll make my best advice clearer.

The 2nd best advice I have ever received is a book called The 5 Love Languages.
(If you can think of a 6th language, then you should write a book called The 6 Love Languages and you'll make a lot of money. )
This advice really helped me because it talks about the 5 ways people can give and receive love.
To quickly summarize a really good book:
One of the biggest problems that happens between people is one person speaks one love language while the other person speaks a different love language.
So it is like a Chinese person screaming at a Mexican.
They are both screaming, "I love you! What is wrong with you? Why don't you feel loved?!?!"
But they are screaming in different languages and don't understand each other.

While this advice is amazingly helpful, the advice I found WWWAAAYYY more valuable is a book called Love and Logic.
Where The 5 Love Languages talks about the 5 ways to give and receive love...
Love and Logic teaches you tips and tricks to push people (especially kids) thru the 7 languages of anger and into cooperation.
How this changed my life is because of a time that I got into a fight with my wife.
In the heat of the moment, I said something that was extremely manipulative.
This was right after I had studied Love and Logic for a while and it was a complete slap to my face!
I said to myself, "Why am I trying to manipulate the person I love most in the world? I don't want her to manipulate me!"
So I ended up using Love and Logic techniques on myself, and pushed myself out of the manipulative anger language and into cooperation.
Ever since, my family life has been so much better.
It is amazing when you can watch your kids and say to yourself,
"Right now my kid is trying the lecture anger language. Ooohhh, he just switched to threats. Now he is trying intimidation. Wow, he just switched to intimidating + avoidance + distraction!"
You will watch people naturally progress thru using ALL of the anger languages and even see them attempt different combinations of them.
Then you'll be able to say a few Love and Logic words and hopefully stop the madness, such that everyone wants to cooperate.
One thing I must note is Love and Logic never mentions the anger languages directly, and everyone take away something different from their lessons.
I personally learned about the anger languages thru the detailed examples they give.
You might take something different away from it.
Love and Logic focuses on parenting advice, but their tips and tricks work on the anger languages.

I hope this helps you as much as it helped me.

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