How to use buckwheat pillows

When I got my first buckwheat pillow I didn’t take to it immediately. In fact, it took me almost a month to truly appreciate it. I’m really glad I didn’t toss it aside after the first night because I eventually fell in love with it.

Here are a few pointers on how to use Postura pillow.

Adjust the thickness -

Every person has his/her preference to the thickness of a pillow. Postura pillows come with a zipper and Velcro to help you do just so. Add/remove the hulls to reach to the perfect thickness. You will need to do the trials for a few times before you reach to the comfortable thickness. Patience is the key. The pouch with extra hulls will help you in making the pillow more Fuller.

Flatten the pillow

Place the pillow flat on the bed and evenly spread the hulls throughout.

Create a little nest for back of your head

You can do this by shifting the hulls from the place where you would place the back of your head. Move the hulls towards the lower side to support the cervical part of the neck.

* If sleeping on your back

Lay down and adjust the pillow such that your chin is not close to your sternum. It has to be away such that your spine is alligned.

* If sleeping on the side

Lay on your side and pull the part of the pillow which is under your shoulder. Pull it up and place it between your shoulder and ear such that your head is neither tilted down not lifted up. Do it such that your spine looks in a straight line when seen from back.

Give the pillow time

Anywhere between few days to a couple of weeks to fall in love with it.