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Buckwheat Hulls

What is Buckwheat ?

Buckwheat is a seed-like grain native to Asia.It is also known as kuttu (कुट्टू) in North India and rated during fast as an alternative to grains . For centuries, it has been a staple for both feeding domestic animals as well as its use for human consumption. This seed is actually considered a fruit and grows within a husk- a shell-like casing that protects the seed as it matures. This part of the plant is inedible, but it was utilized in other ways, one being a long-lasting, durable filling for pillows and mattresses. Today, buckwheat is grown on many continents as its nutritional benefits and hull use has spread far and wide. Pillow companies have added the benefits of buckwheat products to their offers, making them more widely known and more readily available. The seeds are removed from the hulls, and then the hulls are cleaned and used within a material casing. Usually, these cases are made from natural fibers such as cotton and silk and are adjustable to add, remove, or refresh your hulls throughout the life of the pillow (which can be rather long)! .

Postura Buckwheat Hulls Pillow

Buckwheat hulls (कुट्टू के छिलके) are filled in pillow case and make great comfy pillow to sleep on . The flexible hulls provide good support for your back and neck, with a massage-like effect.The buckwheat hulls filled pillow molds to the shape of your head and neck.

Give it a try for 2 to 3 nights and you’ll notice a change in the quality your sleep, for the better.

These pillows are zipped so you can add or remove husk for fuller or flatter pillow. As with any new pillow it may take a few days to adjust. As soon as you do you will never want to sleep on another pillow ever again.

We want anyone and everyone to benefit by this centuries-old science which has been in Japanese culture and tradition. POSTURA is handmade in Noida with very high quality cotton fabrics and hulls .

This pillow is suitable for everyone, even to groups of people who are sensitive to allergens as hulls are neutral in nature . The gap in hulls provide for air circulation within the pillow and keeps it cool and fresh.

Benefits of the POSTURA Buckwheat pillow

  • Better Sleep
  • Reduces Snoring
  • Reduces migraine
  • Reduces neck and shoulder pain
  • Promotes Airflow for a Cooler Sleep
  • Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite Resistant
  • Long Lasting
  • Adjustable

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