November 2018

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  • NALC Commission on Theology and Doctrine issues a pastoral and educational letter on Holy Scripture – “The Bible as the Word of God.”
  • Advent devotions available online.
  • Congregations may nominate candidates for NALC bishop.
  • Mission district deans meet to discuss ministry and mission.
  • “What I wish I had known about stewardship”
  • by Pastor Dona Johnson.
  • NALC congregation in Manitoba starts girls school in Malawi.
  • Advent – A time to point to Jesus. Message from Bishop Bradosky.
  • North American Lutheran Seminary begins search for new president.
  • Maurice Lee to serve seminary as interim director of partnerships and recruitment.
  • Small and rural church ministry.
  • Abortion survivor to speak at NALC Life Conference.
  • Youth and family ministry update.
  • NALC News moving to electronic delivery.