Speech and Language with Ms. Stamey

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Ms. Stamey's virtual speech room.

As we end week five of learning at home, I invite all of you to join our Google Classroom. Your name is already added to the Google Classroom, and you can join the Google Classroom using your PPS login information. When you join, I will assign fun speech activities JUST FOR YOU! So, check it out today. If you have questions, you may make a comment on our Google Classroom or email me at stamea@portlandschools.org.

If you are looking for online activities to work on your speech-language skills at home, I've added a list of exciting resources. Check them out below!

Best wishes,

Ms. Stamey

Ms. Stamey’s Favorite Speech and Language Online Activities

For grades K-5

Storyline Online

Celebrities read books to you! Listen to your favorites, and then talk about the story with a parent, a grandparent, a brother or sister, a pet!


DK Find Out!

Be a knowledge explorer! Do you like oceans, cats, sports, music, or something else? You can be an expert on your favorite topic!



So many online books for you to choose from! All reading levels. Your parent or guardian can create an account. And then you're the boss of reading!


Lunch Doodles with Author, Mo Willems (of Piggie and Gerald fame)

Learn about Mo Willems’s drawing and writing process! New videos are posted daily.


For grades 2-5


Fun speech and language activities for many different skills. What skills are you mastering today?