Student Work

Mrs. Pratt's Class

5th Grade

December 9, 2019

Visiting Flamenco Artist

Thanks to support from the PTO, Señora Kirkland, was able to bring a visiting Flamenco Artist to work with the 5th grade Spanish classes in December. The visiting artist, Lindsey Bourassa, is a renowned Flamenco dancer who has lived in and studied Flamenco in Spain, has performed Flamenco around the world, and currently has a Flamenco dance studio here in Portland (Bourassa Dance).

Ms. Bourassa gave a 45-minute Flamenco workshop to each individual Spanish class, teaching the students how to do the basic movements and use traditional accessories of flamenco dancing—foot movements (golpe) arm movements (braceos), hand clapping (palmas), castenets (castañuelas), fans (abanicos) and shawls (mantónes). During the workshops, the students were highly engaged and had so much fun trying their hand (and feet) at this beautiful art form that began in Spain.

These workshops with Ms. Bourassa were a culmination of the cultural unit that the 5th grade has been doing over the last couple of months. The unit of study included:

· “Why Do We Learn Spanish?”

· What and where are the 21 Spanish-speaking countries of the world?

· World geography and the spread of the Spanish language across the globe

· An in-depth look at the culture of Spain

· An in-depth look at the history and art of Flamenco

See photos below of the students enjoying this fabulous flamenco workshop.

November 2019

Unit: Why Study Spanish?

The 5th Grade has been studying a cultural unit about why it is important to study Spanish. Among the many reasons we discussed and brainstormed, students learned that there are 21 Spanish-speaking countries in the world. Students learned though different activities about the geography of where these 21 countries are: North America, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. Each student had one of these 20 countries and learned and colored the flag (la bandera) for that country.

Below is the bulletin board of their combined work that is currently up in the stairwell at school.