Learning Videos

Here is a sampling of some activities and videos

we have done in classes that

you can enjoy at home to practice your Spanish.

Why Learn Spanish??

A video (in Spanish) made by a boy named Martin who creatively and enthusiastically shares his top 10 reasons why we should speak Spanish.

El Alfabeto (The Alphabet)

A catchy way to learn the Spanish alphabet.

(Colors and Numbers)

Another goodie from Rockalingua--a video of a Native American woman teaching a cowboy the numbers and colors in Spanish.

Los Sentimientos

Los Sentimientos (Emotions)

An fun, animated short created by Señora Kirkland to teach how to express emotions in Spanish. This video was created in part with one of her current 4th grade classes who recorded their beautiful voices with Señora Kirkland to make this video.

A catchy song and video about making hot chocolate to practice Spanish sounds and numbers.

Cinco Calabazas (5 Pumpkins)

A Halloween-themed song and video to practice emotions and numbers.

A song and video to learn about this Latin American holiday and practice new vocabulary.

A heart-felt animated short about a little girl who visits the land of the dead, where she learns the true meaning of the Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos. Student Academy Award Gold Medal winner, 2013.

(The First Thanksgiving)

A short video of the story of the first Thanksgiving told and subtitled entirely in Spanish to practice vocabulary and language-listening skills.

(Dance with your Body)

A fun video to sing and dance with in order to learn and practice body parts and movements in Spanish.

(The Gingerbread Man)

An animated video of the classic tale of the Gingerbread Man told in Spanish to practice listening skills, as well as body parts and animals, in Spanish.

(Parts of the Body)

A fun song to practice body parts in Spanish.

Tía Mónica (Aunt Monica)

A catchy song and circle dance to practice body parts and movements in Spanish.

A silly song about a boy needing to go to the bathroom and the teacher not letting him. A funny way to learn vocabulary and common questions in Spanish.

La Familia (The Family)

A short video to introduce the Spanish vocabulary for different family members.

La Familia (Family Members)

A fun song that teaches the different family members and the family tree in Spanish.

La Familia (The Family)

Spoken Spanish vocabulary that includes extended family members.