Alyson Ciechomski

Music Teacher

Reiche Elementary School

From Portland Public Schools music staff:

Welcome to Mrs. C's Music Web Page

Hello students, Olá alunos, Hola estudiantes, bonjours les étudiants, Ardayda salaaman, مرحبا الطلاب,

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Habitat Song for Grades 1 and 2:

Grade 3, 4, 5 :


Habitat Song for Grades 1 and 2:

Grade 3, 4, 5 :


Habitat Song for Grades 1 and 2:

Grade 3, 4, 5 :


Habitat Song for Grades 1 and 2:

Grade 3,4,5:

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Grade K,1,2: Watch this video lesson:

Now watch this:

Grade 3,4,5:

One Bottle of Pop Song

Grade K, 1, 2 :

Grade 3,4,5:

For everyone: April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Click here for some jazz!

Grade K, 1, 2 :

Grade 3,4,5:

Grade K-2

Click here for your music lesson, clique aqui para aulas de música,cliquez ici pour des cours de musique,haz clic aquí para ver lecciones de música,unqur huna lilhusul ealaa durus almusiqaa

Grade 3 Pebble on a Roll

Click here for the story and some questions

Grade 4/5 Follow the Drinking Gourd- song, movement, quiz

Click here for Follow the Drinking Gourd

Ideas for Music at Home

  1. Sing a song! Any song! This is the best thing to do for your child's musical development. Regardless of your skill level, you are the best model for your child and by singing for or with your child, you are modeling an aptitude for music making. Singing is a part of life. We want our children to sing lullabies to their children, and to be able to sing happy birthday to their grandchildren. You don’t have to be an Adele, Aretha Franklin, or a Luciano Pavarotti. Just sing!

  2. Share YOUR music: This is a great way to start conversations with your kids about the music that you love… What was the first album you ever bought? Was it a CD or Cassette...Vinyl? What was your favorite song in High School?

  3. Build a Homemade Instrument: Try using recyclable materials or found objects around the house to build your own instrument. What can you use to make a drum or a shaker? How about a stringed or wind instrument?

  4. Have a Dance Party: Just have fun dancing to your favorite tunes. Play a round of freeze dance!

  5. Dinner Music: This is an easy way to add a little classical music to your listening at home. Put on some light classical music, light some candles, and serve your favorite dish.

  6. Home Recording Studio: These days, you don’t need a whole lot of fancy equipment to record and produce your own songs. The Ipad App Garage Band is a really easy and fun way for kids (and adults too) to experiment with recording. See what you can create on your own or as a family!

  7. Online Lessons, Listening, Learning, & Games: Check these out!


    2. PBS Kids Music Games

    3. Little Kids Rock (Ukulele, Piano, Guitar, Drums) Grades 2-6

*thanks to Aaron Gagnon ,music teacher from rsu#16 for some great ideas!

Chorus Songs and more...

Dance of the Willow- click on youtube video to sing along

Soft and low, song of the breeze, whispers to hills below.

Flowers and trees, listen delighted. Dance gentle willow dance.

*[Sway to the melody so freely given. To the tune we all know.

It's a song of the earth and we all wish to hear it. Dance gentle willow, dance.] * repeat this section then go back to the beginning.

Dansi Na Kuimba- click on youtube video to sing along

Fireflies- click on youtube video to sing along

Wavin' Flag

Trip the Light

Lean on Me

What Can One Little Person Do?

Portland Symphony Orchestra Explorers Program Lessons

This is a civil rights music lesson using the book "Martin's Big Words".

The Violin Family lesson

This is a music lesson about sound and vibration by George.

This is a music lesson about rhythm using the book and music called : In the Hall of the Mountain King.

Miss Barb plays and teaches about music and feelings.

Also, you can make a percussion instrument.

This is a music lesson about blues music.

This is a music lesson using a Passamaquoddy story: Thanks to the Animals.

Recorder online lessons

Playing the recorder and patterns.ppt
Recorder 5th grade.ppt

Fun and games!