Morning Meeting : April 8 127 Days

Good Morning! Today is Wednesday! Did you get outside yesterday? What a beautiful day! I took a walk to a neighborhood park ! Today again I will be checking to see that everyone is doing Fastt Math, Epic, and Spelling. I have been checking each day and more of us are doing the assignments ! Don't forget to do Splash math and do the new assignments of multiplication and division. It will be a fun way to get extra practice!Today watch the video of Amelia Earhart and then go to Google classroom to write a short story of her life .Try to use the 3 facts that you learned in your story ! Mr. Brown has a video on our school page that shows how to log into Google classroom from home . Remember to keep working on your daily assignments! I am noticing a lot hard work ! Please know that I am thinking about you each day ! I miss seeing your smiling faces !

Love, Ms. McDonough

If you have questions, email me: mcdonm@portlandschools.org or Remind

If you need this translated, please paste the text into Google Translate: https://translate.google.com/.


  1. FASTT MATH : Do 2 lessons / 2 games for 15 -20 mins.

  2. SPLASH Learn Math : Do 2 lessons ( YAXKHP)

  3. EPIC : Read for 30 mins. Read a biography about Amelia Earhart.

  1. Spelling : Put all the words in Abc Order.Write a story using 8 of your spelling words .

  1. i read or System 44: This is for those students that do this .

It is located under Scholastic app. under eastend portlandschools.org

  1. Google Classroom : https://classroom.google.com

( click here to show you how to log on to Google at home!)

Go to Classroom.google.com and click Go to Classroom

Class code : 4u3tt4k

Read "Mouse and the Lion" and answer questions. 7. Watch the video of Amelia Earhart . Go to Google Classroom and write 3 things you learned about her life. Next write a short story about Amelia Earhart using the 3 facts that you learned from the video! Follow the above directions 8. Read the story about Belling the Cat on Google Classroom.



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