Ms. Liebling's

First Grade

November 19, 2021

Dear Families,

Dismissal is at 12:30 on Monday and Tuesday next week. I have sent you a text to confirm your time for conferences, and the link to join the conference. You will be placed into a waiting room until your conference time. Please text or email me if something isn't working. Scroll down for student's favorite things from the week, and some photos.

Have a great weekend!



19 novembre 2021

Chères Familles,

Le licenciement est à 12h30 le lundi et le mardi de la semaine prochaine. Je vous ai envoyé un SMS pour confirmer votre heure pour les conférences, et le lien pour rejoindre la conférence. Vous serez placé dans une salle d'attente jusqu'à l'heure de votre conférence. Veuillez m'envoyer un SMS ou un e-mail si quelque chose ne fonctionne pas. Faites défiler vers le bas pour les choses préférées des étudiants de la semaine et quelques photos.

Passe un bon weekend!



19 de noviembre de 2021

Queridas familias,

La salida es a las 12:30 los lunes y martes de la próxima semana. Le he enviado un mensaje de texto para confirmar su tiempo para las conferencias y el enlace para unirse a la conferencia. Se le colocará en una sala de espera hasta la hora de su conferencia. Por favor envíeme un mensaje de texto o envíeme un correo electrónico si algo no funciona. Desplácese hacia abajo para ver las cosas favoritas de los estudiantes de la semana y algunas fotos.

¡Ten un excelente fin de semana!



November 19, 2021

Qoysaska qaaliga ah,

Shaqo ka joojintu waa 12:30 Isniinta iyo Talaadada toddobaadka soo socda. Waxaan kuu soo diray qoraal si aan u xaqiijiyo wakhtigaaga shirarka, iyo xidhiidhka aad ku biiri karto shirka. Waxaa lagugu dari doonaa qolka sugitaanka ilaa wakhtiga shirkaaga. Fadlan qoraal ama iimayl ii soo dir haddii wax aan shaqaynayn. Hoos ugu dhaadhac waxyaabaha uu ardaygu jecel yahay usbuuca, iyo sawirro.

Todobaadka iyo todobaadka wanaagsan!


School Log, November 19, 2021

Abubakar said, "I liked making a garden bracelet with Ms. Nell."

Ashley said, "I liked reading on the iPads."

Asley said, "I liked playing a math game with Ashley."

Aubri said, "I liked having 'hidden rose apples' for snack."

Ben said, "I liked solving story problems in Math."

Bencao said, "I liked smelling aster flowers in the garden."

Dahir said, "I liked making letter smoothies in Phonics (br)."

James said, "I liked being a corn-hole champion and challenger in Gym."

Julian said, "I liked having garden class for the first time."

Lars said, "I liked doing exercises at the beginning of Gym."

Leah said, "I liked listening to other kids stories and Antonio's stories at SideXSide."

Mardoche said, "I liked playing with friends at recess."

Rayaan said, "I liked Art."

Winner said, "I liked putting a story in order with Antonio Rocha."

Yana said, "I liked picking a new book in Library."

Zoey said, "I liked singing My Aunt Came Back in Music."

Open House Newsletter

Dear Families,

This week's newsletter is a replacement for Open House. I hope it gives you an idea of what our days are like in first grade! Please have your child give you a "tour" through the pictures below. It follows the schedule of our day.

I post updates and photos on our class website every Friday. If you do not receive a text or email from me on Fridays, please tell me!

Emily Liebling

Healthy Snack

Morning meeting (greeting)

Morning meeting (estimate)

Morning Meeting (message & schedule)

Reading & Phonics

Leah said, "We are reading in groups with Ms. Liebling and Mrs. Dalphin."

Aubri said, "We are reading with our reading partners."

Abubakar said, "We are reading the word wall and practicing our snap words."

Ashley said, "We are learning the Lively Letters sounds and body movements that help us remember them."

Dahir said, "We are reading independently from our book boxes. When we're done, we re-read!"


Rayaan said, "We are reading our writing to our partners."

Bencao said, "We are making the sounds of the words we want to write, and writing them part by part."

Winner said, "We are writing true stories from our own lives across 3-4 pages with a beginning, middle, and end."

Yana said, "We are learning about storytelling from a famous storyteller, Antonio Rocha." (Made possible through SideXSide programming.)

Ben said, "We are practicing our handwriting."


Mardoche and James said, "We are playing games with dice and counters that help us practice adding numbers together and breaking numbers apart."

Lars said, "We are solving story problems with addition and subtraction."

Zoey said, "We are graphing our favorite things on a big graph on the wall."

Last week

The same caterpillar one week later! They grow so fast!

School Hours:

8:30 playground supervision starts
8:45 school opens, breakfast served in classrooms
**Please be sure your child arrives at 8:45 if they plan to eat breakfast at school
Students arriving after 9:00 will be marked late
3:30 Dismissal (2:30 on Wednesdays)

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