Ms. Liebling's

First Grade

January 21, 2022

Dear Families,

We have no plans to "go remote", but we want to be prepared if school closes unexpectedly because of COVID or because of the weather. Because we likely won't be remote for more than a few days (if at all!) we plan to have students do paper packets for their remote days. I will let you know if that changes. If you do have a computer or tablet, they may use any of the learning sites or apps available to them.

Our English Language Learners (ELL) students have started taking the ACCESS test this week. They are doing a great job! They take the test on the iPad in a small group, and there are 4 parts to the test: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We will not receive their scores until the spring, but they will be mailed to you when we have them.

If your child is home sick, I try not to bother you with texts or calls because I know the office and the nurse are also checking in. Please contact me anytime if you need anything or have questions. If your child is sick, they should rest. If your child is in quarantine and feeling well, we can deliver school work for them to do. Please ask!

Have a great weekend!



Chères Familles,

Nous n'avons pas l'intention de "partir à distance", mais nous voulons être préparés si l'école ferme de manière inattendue à cause de COVID ou à cause de la météo. Comme nous ne serons probablement pas éloignés pendant plus de quelques jours (voire pas du tout !), nous prévoyons de demander aux élèves de faire des paquets papier pour leurs journées éloignées. Je vous ferai savoir si cela change. Si vous avez un ordinateur ou une tablette, ils peuvent utiliser n'importe lequel des sites ou applications d'apprentissage à leur disposition.

Nos étudiants English Language Learners (ELL) ont commencé à passer le test ACCESS cette semaine. Ils font un excellent travail! Ils passent le test sur l'iPad en petit groupe, et il y a 4 parties au test : écouter, parler, lire et écrire. Nous ne recevrons pas leurs partitions avant le printemps, mais elles vous seront envoyées par la poste dès que nous les aurons.

Si votre enfant est malade à la maison, j'essaie de ne pas vous déranger avec des textos ou des appels parce que je sais que le bureau et l'infirmière s'enregistrent également. Veuillez me contacter à tout moment si vous avez besoin de quoi que ce soit ou si vous avez des questions. Si votre enfant est malade, il doit se reposer. Si votre enfant est en quarantaine et se sent bien, nous pouvons lui fournir des devoirs scolaires. Veuillez demander !

Passe un bon weekend!



Queridas familias,

No tenemos planes de "ir a distancia", pero queremos estar preparados si la escuela cierra inesperadamente debido a COVID o al clima. Debido a que es probable que no estemos remotos por más de unos pocos días (¡si es que lo hacemos!), planeamos que los estudiantes hagan paquetes de papel para sus días remotos. Te dejaré saber si eso cambia. Si tiene una computadora o tableta, pueden usar cualquiera de los sitios de aprendizaje o aplicaciones disponibles para ellos.

Nuestros estudiantes del idioma inglés (ELL) han comenzado a tomar el examen ACCESS esta semana. ¡Ellos están haciendo un gran trabajo! Toman la prueba en el iPad en un grupo pequeño y hay 4 partes en la prueba: escuchar, hablar, leer y escribir. No recibiremos sus puntajes hasta la primavera, pero se los enviaremos por correo cuando los tengamos.

Si su hijo está enfermo en casa, trato de no molestarlo con mensajes de texto o llamadas porque sé que la oficina y la enfermera también se están registrando. Comuníquese conmigo en cualquier momento si necesita algo o tiene preguntas. Si su hijo está enfermo, debe descansar. Si su hijo está en cuarentena y se siente bien, podemos entregarle el trabajo escolar para que lo haga. ¡Por favor pregunte!

¡Ten un excelente fin de semana!



Qoysaska qaaliga ah,

Ma lihin wax qorshe ah oo aan ku "meel durugsan", laakiin waxaan rabnaa inaan u diyaargarowno haddii dugsigu si lama filaan ah u xidhmo COVID ama cimilada awgeed. Sababtoo ah waxay u badan tahay inaanan ka fogaan doonin wax ka badan dhowr maalmood (haddii ay jirto!) Waxaan qorsheyneynaa inaan ardayda ku sameyno xirmo waraaqo ah maalmo fogkooda. Waan ku ogeysiin doonaa haddii taasi isbedesho. Haddii aad leedahay kombiyuutar ama tablet, waxaa laga yaabaa inay isticmaalaan mid ka mid ah goobaha waxbarashada ama apps ay heli karaan.

Ardaydeena Bartayaasha Luuqada Ingiriisiga (ELL) waxay bilaabeen imtixaanka ACCESS todobaadkan. Waxay qabanayaan shaqo aad u fiican! Waxay ku qaadayaan imtixaanka iPadka iyagoo koox yar ah, waxaana jira 4 qaybood oo imtixaanka ah: dhegeysiga, hadalka, akhrinta, iyo qorista. Ma heli doono buundooyinkooda ilaa gu'ga, laakiin waxaa laguugu soo diri doonaa boostada marka aan helno.

Haddii ilmahaagu guriga ku xanuunsanayo, waxaan isku dayaa inaanan ku dhibin qoraal ama wicitaano sababtoo ah waxaan ogahay in xafiiska iyo kalkaalisada ay sidoo kale hubinayaan. Fadlan ila soo xiriir wakhti kasta haddii aad wax u baahan tahay ama aad su'aalo qabtid. Haddii ilmahaagu buko, waa inay nastaan. Haddii ilmahaagu ku jiro karantiil oo uu dareemayo fiicnaan, waxaan u keeni karnaa shaqada dugsiga si ay u qabtaan. Fadlan weydii!

Todobaadka iyo todobaadka wanaagsan!


School Log, January 21, 2022

Abubakar said, "I liked listening to Where the Mountain Meets the Moon."

Ashley said, "I liked learning about the food that grows in Maine, and seeing it on a map in Garden."

Asley Scarlet said, "I liked learning about finding main idea and details in nonfiction books."

Aubrie said, "I liked adding to teen numbers in Math."

Ben (Edwin) said, "I liked reading with Zoey, my reading partner."

Bencao said, "I liked reading, It Feels Good to be Yourself and talking about gender identity."

Dahir said, "I liked playing instruments and being a conductor in PSO."

Eve (Leah) said, "I liked having indoor recess today and decoding Julian's note."

James said, "I liked playing soccer with our whole class at Gym."

Julian said, "I liked doing choice time with iPads and learning to code."

Lars said, "I liked reading on Raz Kids today."

Mardoche said, "I liked singing songs in Music."

Rayaan said, "I liked having a critique in Art class."

Winner said, "I liked having pickles for healthy snack."

Yana said, "I liked writing the words to Rasheed's story."

Zoey said, "I liked doing stations in Music, my favorite was the Aiken Drum station."

This story was shared by our neighbors at Love Lab Studio in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We watched it at school, and the class wanted to share it with you. Enjoy!

And, a little humor...

Using a double ten-frame as a tool to add and subtract teen numbers.
Learning about being a conductor in PSO
Garden class with Ms. Nelle
Number puzzles in Math

Writing Celebration!

We read this book on the Winter Solstice, and the students wanted me to share the recipe with you.

Open House Newsletter, Fall 2021

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