Ms. Mesevage's First Grade


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-Conferences are Thursday, November 4th and Friday, November 5th. School will end at 11:10AM both days. Conferences will be held via Zoom. I will send confirmations on Monday afternoon.

- Pooled COVID testing info: here. Please sign up if you haven't!

WEEK IN REVIEW 10/25-10/29:

This week in writing we starting using an editing checklist. This allows each child to review their writing and to make sure they are planning the story, drawing the story, using spacing between words, using punctuation and can reread their work. Of course every child is at a different phase in their writing and that is exactly right in first grade.

We are reviewing our letter sounds daily. Each letter we have learned with the Lively Letters program has a song and a story and a movement with it. This helps everyone remember the sound.

In math we introduced some new vocabulary--more and fewer--and have been doing story problems that include these words. We also counted how many seeds were in a pumpkin. Counting by 10s we figured out there were 470!

In science this week we learned all about pumpkins and how they grow.

We continue to build our classroom community and practice being listeners so everyone can learn. I am seeing friendships deepen every day in learning and play!

Please use the Click Here Remote Learning button to access online tools for home. There are writing and math tools, as well as a classroom library with books for kids to listen to. It also has the online reading program Epic. If we are quarantining and all learning is from home, we will use that page daily to see the schedule. Please read with your child every day and give them opportunities to write, draw, count, and play outside.

Contact: Ms. Mesevage

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