Ms. Mesevage's First Grade


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WEEK IN REVIEW 10/12-10/15:

This week in writing we started talking about punctuation. We practiced using periods in our stories. We practiced asking our friends questions and answering with an exclamation mark.

In math we are working on story problems and finding the missing number. Here are two examples:

Mai had 5 books. She was given 4 books. How many books does she have now?


Mai had 5 books. She was given some more books. Now she has 9. How many books was she given?

In phonics we focused on new SNAP words. These are words we learn by heart so we can read them in a "snap".

This week we learned a new song about bees. Ask your child to sing it to you!

In science we studied bees this week and even got to eat some honey. They drew hives, made bee math problems, and watched a video of honey being removed and processed from a hive.

We are still waiting for our chrysalis to turn into a butterfly...

Please use the Click Here Remote Learning button to access online tools for home. There are writing and math tools, as well as a classroom library with books for kids to listen to. It also has the online reading program Epic. If we are quarantining and all learning is from home, we will use that page daily to see the schedule. Please read with your child every day and give them opportunities to write, draw, count, and play outside.

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