August 2020

Hello Third Graders!

I hope you are having a nice summer with your family. Are you excited to start school? I am! I am so happy to be your teacher and loop with you to third grade.

The school is busy making plans for how we will learn in the fall. We know how to learn in person and online, so we CAN DO this! I am so proud of you!

A shout out to my class for staying healthy! You wash your hands, wear your masks, social distance and stay close to home. You are making great choices. By wearing a mask, you are a RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL. At East End, “We are responsible, respectful and we persevere.”

You are welcome to contact me for any questions or to say hello. I will list my contact information below.

Love your teacher,

Ms. Macedo

Contact Information

  • Text: Talking Points

  • Video Message: Seesaw

  • E-mail:

  • Mail: Ms. Macedo, EECS, 95 North Street, Portland, ME 04101

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Contact information

Ms. Mary Macedo Grade 3

Talkingpoints App (texting app)

Video/Work Permission Form

If you and your child would like me to post a video or photo of your child's work on our class website, please fill out this form and submit.

Note to parents: Meeting the daily needs of your family is priority. My goal for your child is to keep them reading.

Feel free to let me know if you have concerns or questions.

Contacting EECS Office: Mr. Sumner 207-874-8228

East End Community School 195 North Street Portland, Maine 04101