Mrs. Rasmussen

Room 202

Number Talks

How can you find the product of:

1 x 5

2 x 5

3 x 5

This was one of the questions the third graders explore this week. You can find their possible answers in pink and their thinking in black. Check out their thinking and study their observations and see if you agree or if you see it differently!

The Cumberland Fair

The third graders explored some parts of a rural community at the fair.

A beautiful September day was the backdrop for a great exploration of the Cumberland Fair. The third graders have been learning different communities and their place in different communities. To learn more about a rural community, all Longfellow third graders took a trip to the fair.

At the fair students were able to see model trains in action. They were able to walk through the petting zoo and see and pet a variety of sheet and goats. Some even were quite chatty and were talking with the kids. The students also got to see a variety of chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, bunnies, cows, horses and oxen up close. We walked up and down the aisles surrounded by stalls and cages full of animals that populate rural communities. The students loved looking and and petting some of this amazing animals.

The third graders also got to see some horses in the pulling competition as they pulled a sled full of cement back and forth across the stadium. It was awesome to see how strong and large these animals are. They also got to see some horses warming up for cart racing while we were eating lunch.

In addition to the animals, the third graders got to see and participate in some technology that is used on the farm. They worked on some different devices used to process corn as well as a goat and horse treadmill. You will have to ask your third grader about some of the work they may have done on the farm.

So many more experiences to share, but to get the full story you will have to ask your student! Look for more pictures in the snapshots tab.

The Lego Challenge

Learning how to communicate by creating Lego structures

Communication using specific words can be really hard for adults and can definitely be hard for third graders. To work on using precise words to communicate the third graders participated in a Lego Challenge. For this challenge they had to replicate structures made of Legos with a partner, but it wasn't that simple.

For this challenge there were two roles: eyes and hands. The role of the eyes person was to go and look at the photos of the structure they had to build. They then had to report back to the hands partner. The eyes partner had to explain how to build the structure to their partner but they could not touch or point at any Legos. The hands partner had to listen carefully and ask follow up questions so that they could build the structure accurately. This required both partners to listen and speak with precision and accuracy and it was a lot of fun. When partnerships thought they had finished one challenge they got it checked off and then were able to switch roles and try the next challenge.

The way they were able to communicate, work well together, and have fun was amazing to witness.