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What are the readers in Room 202 up to?

Reading a Maine Student Book Award Book

Reading on the beach!

Summer Reading with Longfellow

Below you can find the reading log for Longfellow's Summer Reading Challenge as well as my Summer Reading Bingo Card. Feel free to send me pictures of your learner reading over the summer and I will share them here! Thanks for encouraging your reader to keep reading!

Go For GOLD!
Summer Reading Bingo

Get lost in one of our class read alouds from this year. Below you can find recordings of Mrs. Rasmussesn reading Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library, The Wild Robot, and Everest. All of these books are the first book in a series, so if you enjoy one, check out their sequels!

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

By: Chris Grabenstein

Click here to open the Google Drive Folder with all Chapters!

The Wild Robot

By Peter Brown

Click here to open the Google Drive Folder with all Chapters!

Everest: Book 1

The Contest

By: Gordon Korman

Click here to open the Google Drive Folder with all Chapters!

Sun School Extension Activites

Check out these websites that are filled with awesome extension activities for your learner to explore!

Week 1-NATURE:


Online Resources to Support Home Learning

Possible Daily Learning Schedule

Google Classroom Account

  • Google Classroom Sign-In Link
  • Scroll down and you will find videos teaching your learners how to access their GoogleClassroom Account from home. This will be the platform that I will be posting daily assignments, documents, links, and other materials students will be using to access their learning.


  • Epic Epic Link - This reading app is one students are familiar with. On this website/app students can access a wide variety of books. One of your family members should have received an email outlining home access. Otherwise, you can click the link, then enter the class code sge3948.
  • Home Reading Log: Access Here Encouraging your learning to continue reading is a great practice. Coming home in your packet will be a paper copy of this but you can download it here as well. When you open it, it will prompt you to make a copy for yourself! Encourage your students to read all sorts of materials during this time of learning at home!
  • Newsela Newsela Link: Newsela is a program we will be using to assign leveled reading assignments to your learner. For information on how to use this account, see a video below.
  • Read Alouds with Mo Williams Listen & Watch Here : Mo Williams, the author of the "Elephant and Piggy" and "Pigeon" books is hosting daily read aloud and doodle sessions. These are updated at 1pm daily. If you miss the live stream, don't worry, they are uploaded to this site as well.


  • Kahn Academy Kahn Academy Link - Math Lessons will be based off of this platform. This will include videos, practice, problems, quizzes and more. This will be able to be daily monitored by myself to insure best instruction for your learner.
  • XtraMath XtraMath Link - Math fact practice website or app. This will allow students to practice their multiplication and division facts and I will be able to monitor their progress.

Famous Person Research

  • During this time of remote learning, we will be encouraging your reader to complete their famous person research. When their packet from school is delivered, they will be getting their research packet. This packet can also be accessed in their google classroom account.
  • Here is a link to their famous person packet, Famous Person Research Criteria. This will prompt you to make a copy first. Click "make a copy" then you should be in!


  • Check out Mrs. Serway's Google Classroom for ideas of doing art at home. You can join her class by using her class code 4btncy5
  • Here are some 3rd Grade Art lessons you can do at home. Click here to explore some art activities!

Looking for more to do? Check out these additional resources:

  • - This is a website learners are familiar with, on this platform they can work on their typing skills by working on lessons and games.
  • Class Access Code: QXQMJC - This platform helps students learn to write codes using computer science skills. This is a place students are familiar with, they can use this platform to do lessons, puzzles, and challenges.
  • Music with Mrs. Ciechomski-Check out her website for music ideas. Click here to get musical!

Use these videos to help you access your online accounts.

Math Fact Practice

Here are some worksheets that can be downloaded to practice your math facts! Keep scrolling down to see more options.

Look at these learning menus below for ideas on how to keep your student engaged!

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