Mrs. Rasmussen

Room 202

Classroom Updates

Science Inside and Outside

The scientists in Room 202 have been exploring different science topics this week in the classroom and at the Audubon.

Motion So far in our science unit on Motion the scientists have looked at the forces of gravity and magnetism. In their first experiment they looked at the power of magnets and how they attract and repel different objects. We built on this understanding by exploring the power of magnetic fields. The scientists collected data on the strength of the magnetic fields when more magnets are added. They tested this by seeing the "snap distance" or how close a paper clip had to be in order to "snap" or attract to the magnet.

Plants This week the scientists also got to explore spring plants in action at the Audubon. On our last trip of the year the scientists went through four stations. At the stations they: made seed bombs, sketches spring nature, explored butterflies in the Moose Garden, discovered different Maine plants that are important to different Maine animals. The Audubon has been such a great resource to allow the scientists to see plants in action all year long.