Mrs. Rasmussen

Room 202

Welcome to Third Grade

Raising Atlantic Salmon

This year all of the third graders at Longfellow will be participating in a unit in which they learn about and raise Atlantic Salmon.

At the beginning of March we received 100 Atlantic Salmon Eggs. These eggs are native to the Androscoggin River and once they hatch, they will be returned to the river in Brunswick to start their lives in the wild. The eggs are currently living in a tank whose temperature is regulated to match the current temperature of the river. Each week the students record the current air temperature, weather conditions, river temperature, and tank temperature. They also make observations of the salmon as they develop. Each week they sketch a picture of what they eggs currently look like and fill in to sentences "I notice..." and "I wonder..." to push their thinking about the salmon.

In addition to observing the salmon grow, the third graders are learning about the species of the Atlantic Salmon. They have learned that Atlantic Salmon are a unique species because Maine is the only state that they can still be found in. We have discussed that we are helping raise them as a way to try to help this endangered species survive.

They third graders have explored the different components of a habitat that salmon eggs may need to survive. They then learned the life cycle of the salmon and the complexity of their lives. They then have explored the river ecosystem in which salmon live. In this exploration, the scientists focused on how each organism in the ecosystem relies on each other by creating a web. Each student became a different organism. From the sun, to water, to algae, to salmon, all the way to osprey. They then worked on seeing how they were all connected. Then a component like trash came into the ecosystem. The third graders then thought about how this component would impact that rest of the ecosystem.

As we continue in this unit, some of the topics the third grades will learn about include the different adaptations salmon have to help them survive, different salmon species, and threats facing salmon.

I Remember...

As the third graders finished their first reading unit of the year, we took a minute to pause and reflect on what they remembered. We discussed highlights of their first weeks of reading as a third grader. This unit was all about building a strong third grade reading life, and they sure did that! To wrap up their work, each student brainstormed sentences of things they remembered. I chose one sentence from each third grader and constructed this poem. Take a look at their memories below.

I Remember

By: The Readers in Room 202

I remember my first book shopping day.

I remember reading “Dog Man”

I remember predicting.

I remember reading “The One and Only Ivan”.

I remember when the library opened.

I remember that I started to like “Big Nate” books.

I remember using the class word jar.

I remember stumbling on words.

I remember reading “The One and Only Bob”.

I remember going to the downstairs library to get one of my favorite books.

I remember reading my first book.

I remember reading “Frog and Toad”.

I remember making goals.

Writing True Stories

This week the third graders embarked on their first writing project of the year. For their first project they will be writing true stories. As a third grader, they have a new writing tool - their writing notebook! To start out the week we discovered what third grade writers do and don't do in their notebooks. Then, we got started writing ideas for true stories.

In class, we discussed a couple of strategies that writers can use to come up with ideas if they are feeling stuck.

The first idea we talked about was thinking of a person who is important to you. Then, think about memories or small moments you have shared with that person. Then finally, pick one of those small moments and write the whole story!

Another strategy we discussed was thinking of a place that is important to you. Then, draw a map and jot out memories you have had in that place. Then pick one of those memories to turn into a full story.

The writers of Room 202 did amazing work this week! Check out the picture of the writers and check in with your writer to see what stories they are writing!

Hi third graders and families!

I am Mrs. Rasmussen and I will be your teacher this year. This is my eighth school year at Longfellow and I am excited to be sharing it with you. I have enjoyed a fun filled summer and hope you have too. I spent a lot of time outside running, biking, spending time at the beach, camping, and enjoying time with friends and family. I cannot wait to get to know you better and hear about your summer adventures. Below I shared some pictures highlighting some of my favorite parts of the summer.

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