Mrs. Terison

Elementary Strings


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Personal and Professional Statement

I believe that all of my students, regardless of race, gender, first language, place-of-origin, ability or sexual orientation deserve to feel safe at school and have an equal access to an excellent education .

I understand that the biases, practices, policies, and legacies that hold up institutional racism throughout society are also present in aspects of American education. I recognize the American system of education, intended to enlighten, nurture and uplift, sometimes fails to honor the full humanity and potential in students of color.

I understand that my white privilege affects the way I perceive and interact with the world. I am continuing to learn about my own privilege, and committed to disrupting and dismantling systems of racism.

I see you, I respect you, Black Lives Matter.

Logging on to Essential Elements Interactive -the online version of our music book.

I have created one account for fourth grade students and one account for fifth grade students.

Here are the usernames and passwords:

  • username: FourthGrade/Password: Portlandstudent

  • username: FifthGrade/Password: Portlandstudent

When you go to the Essential Elements homepage, click on "students" and then type in the username and password. Essential Elements Interactive homepage.


Tuning your instrument

This video shows the adult in your house how to tune your instrument. The names of the strings from high to low are:

violins: E A D G violas: A D G C

cellos: A D G C basses: G D A E

You may use an app or this website to hear the sounds for each instrument. (Bass guitar has the same sounds as the double bass that we play.) Write in the Google Doc below if you have a question.