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News from StringsLand

Hello Strings Community,

I, along with all of the PPS music teachers, have been planning the best ways for you to continue your music learning. Some of you may not have your instruments at home, some of you may have left books or other resources at school, and for others, practicing at home with other family members around might be difficult.

All of our packet songs are posted on your instrument's page (go to "Home" then pick your instrument).

Your assignments for each week will be available on the Distance Learning Page.

If you can't practice your instrument

or if you would just like a musical activity as a way to refresh your brain between other activities,

alternative musical activities are available below.

  • New! Guys! I'm so excited about this. A resource from the Portland Public Library's newsletter - how to beatbox, with Butterscotch, the 2005 World Beatboxing Champion.
  • Go Noodle - no login required
  • Chrome Music Lab
  • Play along using Open D, Yellow Sticker E, red sticker G, open A, and Yellow sticker B (on A string)
            • Basses: Open D, Yellow E, open G, Yellow A (on G string) and Blue B (on G string)
  • Shake the Papaya - sing and clap syncopated rhythms
  • Can-Can - Create a percussion ensemble: you will need four different objects to whack, shake, rattle or otherwise make a noise with. Options include containers, cans of food (not too hard), big books, your kitchen table - be creative, don't hurt any houseplants, and clean the pots and pans if you use them.
          • Follow along with the rhythm on your instruments - each shape represents a different instrument
          • There are many more songs from this creator
  • Body Percussion - contact a buddy on Zoom or Google hangouts to do both parts
  • Rhythms Practice - clap or use your instrument to practice reading quarter notes and eighth notes
              • Many more from this creator
  • How to Practice - This is a TedTalk geared towards adults, so some of the vocabulary will likely be challenging. I recommend watching with an adult or putting the speed down to 0.75.
  • TheKidShouldSeeThis - Neat-o Videos on a variety of topics including music.
  • Listen to some of the world's greatest ensembles - the New York Philharmonic, The Kennedy Center,
  • Orchestra games from the San Francisco Symphony
  • Peaceful Mindfulness everyday at 10am