Mrs. Terison

Elementary Strings


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Personal and Professional Statement

I believe that all of my students, regardless of race, gender, first language, place-of-origin, ability or sexual orientation deserve to feel safe at school and have an equal access to an excellent education .

I understand that the biases, practices, policies, and legacies that hold up institutional racism throughout society are also present in aspects of American education. I recognize the American system of education, intended to enlighten, nurture and uplift, sometimes fails to honor the full humanity and potential in students of color.

I understand that my white privilege affects the way I perceive and interact with the world. I am continuing to learn about my own privilege, and committed to disrupting and dismantling systems of racism.

I see you, I respect you, you belong here.

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2021 post demo letter

Here is the first letter sent home with students.

This is the same document with a translation button right on the page.