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Elementary Strings


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News from StringsLand

First Mini-Performances Coming Up!

Dates from November through December - look below for your school's specifics.

These performances are part of National First Performance Day (Nov. 15). The goals of these mini-concerts are to give new players an early performance opportunity so that they can understand how much they have learned in just a few weeks. They are also designed to give families an opportunity to see what the strings classroom is like. We are much more concerned with process rather than product at this event - in fact, I invite interested adults to play my instruments so that they can have a clearer understanding of what their student is learning. We hope you can join us!

School Specifics

Lyseth 4th grade: Thursday, Nov. 21 at 12:45 pm. In the Music Room.

Riverton 4th grade: Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 11:15 in the Music Room.

Riverton 5th Grade: Tuesday, Nov. 26 at 12:15 in the Music Room

Longfellow 4th grade: Monday, Dec. 9 at 9:00 in the Gym

Rowe 4th grade: Wednesday, Dec. 18 at 10:15 in the cafeteria

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