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Hello Everyone! Welcome to my site. The above photo is of Moosehead Lake at sunset from last summer.

Week Two, March 30-April 3

Mrs. Martin's Sea Glass Collection

Hi Everyone! I hope you enjoyed my first post about my backyard wildlife. Update: since posting we had another deer and fox sighting and of course, lots of raccoons! This next math story will be about one of my favorite hobbies, collecting sea glass. You can watch this short video about sea glass to learn more about it. The Secret Behind Sea Glass. Below the video are some photos of my sea glass collection.

You can only see this video on the English language version of my website.

Getting ready to sort our treasures two summers ago.

What an assortment!

Part of my collection in my kitchen.

More of my collection.

Click to listen.

Now for some math!

At the top of this website you can click on your own grade level or check out other grade levels, too. There will be videos to watch, photos to look at and problems to solve. Then there is a Google Form with the math problems for you to do and send to me.

Week One, March 23-27 Mrs. Martin's Backyard Wildlife

Watch this first then go to your grade level page.

Recording #15.mp4

This is my backyard wildlife camera. Every time an animal walks through my yard, past the camera, it takes a photo. Here are the photos of the different animals photographed.






My children and I collected the data, the number of times these animals were photographed from February 20th to March 20th, and we created a bar graph. Check out our data and answer the questions!