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This flower was made by Morgane in the Rise and Shine called Clay Play.

Hello all and welcome!

I miss all of you! Feel free to reach out to me via email -

I will checking my email every hour from 8 - 3 Monday thru Friday.

Rise and Shine has become something that students really love here at East End Community School!

Given that, my first goal for the first week of distance learning was to continue Rise and Shine in some way. I started a YouTube channel called Rise and Shine Electric and started creating 5 minute shows to communicate with students. I hope to focus on student engagement, provide Rise and Shine ideas students can use at home and feature the occasional guest. It is my goal to create a pathway for students to feel connected to school and community as well as continue to prepare students for learning. Getting ready to learn is just as important as learning itself!

Here is a link to the channel - Rise and Shine Electric

I have been asking for ideas over the YouTube comment section. However, I have just learned that is not possible. This because the Rise and Shine Electric channel is for kids and for that reason the comment section is not available...sorry about that. Students, staff and community please email me any ideas you have for Rise and Shine Electric.

My hope is to feature student ideas and give you a shout out for your contribution.

fill out this google form to say hello to Mr. Nogar!