Lyman Moore Middle School Library

171 Auburn Street Portland, ME 04103


Our mission is to foster literacy and critical thinking skills, to support the curriculum, and to provide services and access to resources beyond the school walls. It is the goal of the learning common's staff to provide guidance and instruction in the accession, location, and utilization of information and to instill a love of reading in our students.

New in the Library

Portland Public School Libraries are partnering with the non-profit, "I'm Your Neighbor", to identify, collect, and promote children's books featuring New Arrivals and New Americans to build a stronger culture of Welcoming and Belonging.

Our school libraries are the first in the country to have a specific genre stickers for these titles, making them easy for students and teachers to identify!

Our libraries are also now home to Welcoming Libraries, a collection of books that encourage conversations around immigration.

Meg Rooks

Library/Media Specialist