Hello Peaks/Cliff Island Families!

Welcome to my site! It's so wonderful to be a part of the school island community as your school nurse! I hope the videos help prepare your young person for school where mask wearing, distancing, washing hands, and being kind will be what we do to stay safe and happy! We will also enjoy lots of outside learning in beautiful spaces, where your child can enjoy the fresh air and learn in an exciting new environment!

School will be a little different this year for sure. To start, parents and guardians have been asked to carefully assess their child's health by answering the symptoms checker questions before they go to school and let us know their findings. Please keep your child home if they have symptoms. Thanks so much for making this an important part of your morning routine to help keep our school safe. Also, a reminder to be sure to provide an up-to-date emergency plan, with good contact numbers so we can reach you or someone in your place, if your child becomes unwell while at school. Having a plan in place will allow your child to be quickly and safely picked up. The following are some other ways we keep safe in school:

  • Practicing safe distancing- 3 ft. with masks on, inside or outside, while sitting in a classroom. Students will be unmasked inside or outside while eating and spaced 6 ft apart.

  • Check out the mask videos for ideas! A rule of thumb is if you hold a mask up to the light and the light shines through it's not good enough. Double thick cloth masks that fit well and are comfortable is what your child needs to be safe and keep others safe. In accordance with the CDC, Bandanas, Gators, and vented masks are also no longer acceptable. Please try to have several masks on hand so you can launder masks everyday, washing by hand or machine is fine! We also have a limited supply of masks at school also should your child need one! We would gladly accept donated new or homemade child sized masks to help replenish the supply as well!

  • Washing hands will be happening throughout the day! Students will be instructed to clean their hands whenever they enter or leave the building, or entering the classroom. Students will also wash hands after using the bathroom and before and after eating.

  • Last but not least, please pay special attention to the page on immunizations! And please make time to get a flu shot!

  • Feel free to contact me with questions and please let me know if your child has any new or known chronic health concerns.

  • I will try to keep you up-to-date with any changes in this ever changing environment. We are all in this together!

Stay healthy, wear a mask, and remember to be kind.

Christine Hey RN Peaks/Cliff Island School Nurse

add: We would love donations of homemade double thick cloth or new kid's masks to replenish our supply! Thank you!!

Covid- 19 returning to school.pdf

Good information, with answers to many of your Covid 19 questions. It's a Maine American Academy of Pediatrics and Department of Education team effort!

Pre-Screening Tool_10.pdf

Thanks For Doing This Each and Every Day!!

Washing Hands Tips

Nurse Molly from Moore shows us how to modify a mask to help keep them on!

More Mask Tips for Kids!

Bike Safety And Meditation

This really works to calm and helps focus too!

A bike ride in beautiful weather! Please be safe!

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