Good Afternoon Peaks Families!

Just a quick reminder to send in those permission slips on Monday. I have already heard from a number of you via email, thanks so much! Some are choosing to get their vaccination at the doctor's, that's terrific!

Again, be assured that Covid 19 vaccination for kids 5-11 has been FDA approved for safety and effectiveness but if you have any questions at all about it being right for your child, please give your healthcare provider a call, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks again!

Nurse Christine

Good Evening Families,

I'm happy to let you know that free covid vaccinations will be available at Peaks Island School for your child ages 5-11 on November 17. We have been waiting so long!

Public Health Nurses will be providing the clinic and I will be sending out a notice very soon with permission forms from them for you to sign. For now, please let me know if you think you would be providing permission by responding to this email. It's ok if you are still considering it. If so, it could be helpful to give your doctor a call with your questions to see if this is right for your child.

Please, don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Nurse Chris

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October 11, 2021

Happy Indigenous People Day! Halloween is also not far off!! Here are some not so scary updates:

We are back on track with Friday morning swab testing schedule. As you know, our pools have been NEGATIVE, including last Tuesday's repeat- great news and proof that mitigation practices and your help keeping covid out of our schools is working. YAY!!

Nov. 5th our annual school Flu clinic here for students and staff at PIES. TBA at Cliff but will happen there as well. Many experts are concerned we may get more flu than last year so get your shots at school or at your doctor's, it's so important. We will be sending out school consent forms soon.

Please make sure your school immunizations are up-to-date as our state report is due in December! Call your doctor to check, make an appointment, and send the documentation our way. IF you need a doctor or help getting appointments let me know! Kitty, at Island Heath is happy to see any and all who need her services or shots!

Thanks for doing your part checking your child each morning and keeping them home if they are not well.

Lots of positive news, including children's covid vaccinations coming as soon as November! Amazing!!! Have loads of fun today, and see youTomorrow!

Peace and Love,

Nurse Chris

October 2, 2021

Good Morning All,

I wanted to let you know that we will be repeating Pool testing Tuesday (tomorrow) because Friday's samples were mistakenly not picked up by Fedex. And, since this Friday is a holiday weekend, we want to be certain to get another one in. Thank you for your understanding and rest assured we are making sure, this will not be an issue again.

I'd also like to take this time to let you know what you already know, your children are awesome! We all thought last year was wonderful and couldn't be topped but so far this year has been just as wonderful! Happily engaged with life and learning, while adhering to safe practices as in coming to school with a mask, making sure they are distanced in the classroom-as much as humanly possible outside too, (with reminders,) and washing hands. We truly have nothing but praise for the way students have stepped up to weekly testing and even enjoying participating in real time science.

Keep up the good work by making sure you keep your child home if they are not feeling well, and calling us to let us know. It's great that we can work together to help keep Covid 19 out of our school. Fingers crossed, vaccinations are on their way soon!

Have a wonderful 4 day holiday with your family. See you on Tuesday the 12th!

Nurse Chris

Peaks Island School

Sept 2,2021

Good Morning Families,

It was such fun to see your beautiful children and observe them listening intently and asking great questions during today's morning meeting. They looked so happy!

Please know, that once again, safety is our number one priority. Our students and staff were amazing last year - they kept their masks on inside and out of school, washed their hands and worked hard at keeping their distance. After today, it looks like we will see the same this school year, even with our newly extended school day. And, for now, they are maskless outside, yay! Here are a few virus mitigation tips worth repeating below:

  • Make sure masks from home are well fitting, clean, washed and protective- all masks, disposable or not, must cover noses

  • no scarves, thin masks, or bandannas

  • no sharing masks

  • Please pack extras- we have more, (disposables mostly) if you forget

  • Remind your children to wash their hands frequently, we will too

  • Help your child understand how important it is to have distance between each other

  • We will keep you posted on any other virus related mitigation.

  • So important to do symptom checks before sending your student to school- Do not send them to school if they have ANY symptoms of Covid 19.

  • Let the office know if your child is not coming to school

  • It's so exciting to see a number of Pre-K students joining Peaks Island School and a few newbies in the other grades ! I hope to meet with each and every class, as I did last year, to review how to wash hands, wear masks without "nose shows", and how to stay safe.


  • Please let us know if your student has any new or chronic health care concerns

  • Thank you to all who responded to my reminders about missing shots and getting them done or in the process- you rock! State law makes it mandatory as of this year, to have them- (no waivers anymore)- unless a doctor's note about a medical problem that prohibits getting a vaccine is presented.

  • Enjoy the rest of your summer!

If you are currently traveling or expect to be:

Per Maine CDC- no restrictions on domestic travel.

These are international travel guideline

For fully vaccinated travelers to Maine:

  • Vaccinated international travelers do not need to quarantine on their arrival to Maine unless they are symptomatic.

  • Vaccinated international travelers who are asymptomatic do not need to be tested.

For travelers to Maine who are not fully vaccinated:

  • Unvaccinated international travelers should quarantine for 7 days since their arrival into the U.S.

  • Unvaccinated, asymptomatic international travelers should be tested if their arrival in Maine is within 3-5 days of their arrival into the U.S. (Find a Maine testing site here.)

Maine School Immunization Requirements.docx

Peace and Be Well,

Nurse Chris

Peaks and Cliff

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