December 5, 2020

Dear Families,

I wanted to make you aware of a change in the State of Maine policy regarding quarantine for individuals who have been a close contact of someone who tests positive with Covid 19. This afternoon, Maine CDC provided an updated policy on the required length of quarantine for an individual determined to be a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case. Previously it was a 14-day period, now this has been shortened to 10-days. Please also know that having a negative test result does not shorten a quarantine period for close contacts, it's still 10 days.,

  • I also wanted you to know that before Thanksgiving break, I had the pleasure of seeing every child at Peaks when we reviewed and practiced how to properly wash hands, wear a mask without any nose slipping, keeping proper distance from others, and to just be kind. We also watched short videos about our topics and had time to discuss. Your children are amazing, have adapted well to our not so normal school year, and possess an understanding of why these measures protect everyone!

  • We always work to stay safe at Peaks Island School and always want to extend a big thank you to all of you for helping us in this effort. Keep packing those well fitting cloth masks that cover the nose and mouth, so they can be changed if they become wet and keep having a big enough supply of masks at home for each child so they have a fresh one for school each day. Last but not least, keep following the CDC guidelines outside of school as well, like wearing a mask whenever you leave your house, which in turn, helps keep Covid out of our school, thereby helping to keep us stay open! Remember the virus is all around us and winter will be very difficult if we don't pay careful attention and make good decisions.

  • More thank yous ! This time for checking your children's health status each morning before sending them to school and keeping them home if they have any symptoms at all. Please don't hesitate to call if your child is sick or if you have any questions. Also, please call your doctor if your child is not improving after 24 hours, a covid test could be necessary as well as a visit and note from the doctor before coming back to school. Remember, Staying safe is the most important thing we do.

  • Lastly, thank you for avoiding gatherings big and small, (even and especially during the holiday season) stay home whenever you can, always wear a mask when you leave your house, and please be kind. Make it a wonderful holiday! We can do this!


Christine Hey RN

School Nurse

Covid- 19 returning to school.pdf

Good information, with answers to many of your Covid 19 questions. It's a Maine American Academy of Pediatrics and Department of Education team effort!

Pre-Screening Tool_10.pdf

Thanks For Doing This Each and Every Day!!

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