5th Grade

Please complete this form first.

Think about the whole Spanish year, from the beginning of the school year, until today.


4th Grade


Please click on the image above and play/watch videos all over my site. There are fun games and videos under 3rd Gr.and 4th Gr. There are also many things on the main page.

Have fun!

Here is a a video to practice how to say your name, where you live and where are you from. After you watch the video please try to do the reading.


Looking for Multilingual readers

Please click on the link and complete the form if you want to help out promoting Multilingual literacy and encourage young learners to pursue the Seal of Biliteracy in their High School years!

Read more-flyer.

Here is a song to introduce the celebration of the day of the death.

Wildebeest 1
Wildebeest from Birdbox Studio.mp4

Ñus movietalk

5th Grade classes ,please do the following form. Click on the link here.