You will have to allow Flash to run the games/introduction.

Geografía - Geography

Maps explained

Just play some of the color games from this site. There is an introduction and 2 games.

Here you can review and play games to recognize the vowels in Spanish.

This is a silly video to review "dice" = she/he says.

This is the last video. I use this video to review colors. Try to think in the names of the colors in Spanish.

Hay + cognados.mp4

Hay+cognates - video

Try to count how many cognates are in the video!

Saludos -

Saludos - Greetings - video

Here is a video about ways to greet and say goodbye.

Me llamo..Vivo en...mp4

Watch the video.

The challenge is to try to guess who are Señorita Gimeno's sisters and mother.

¿Quién es mi hermana? ¿Quién es mi otra hermana?

¿Quién es mi mamá?

Google classroom and

Google classroom tutorial