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Wednesday, April 8th 2020

You always have a choice....so choose kindness!


Principal Page

Portland Public Schools is offering a new feature they can use to get answers to their questions and concerns on any issue during the shutdown: a HelpLine phone line and email. The HelpLine phone number is: 207-874-8159. That HelpLine phone line has access to different languages. They can also send us an email in their primary language at ppshelpline@portlandschools.org

YESTERDAY: Morning Announcements with ASL

April 7, 2020

Meals to Go

Monday-Friday, between 10:00-12:00, you can pick up breakfast and lunch for the students in your family. Please stay in your car and meals will be passed to you. These are take and go meals.



New and improved! You can find morning announcements, daily information and more on the home page!

  • Check out virtual learning web pages by each teacher, the prinicpals and even a Rise and Shine page! Please be patient as we continue to improve our sites. https://eastend.portlandschools.org/

Little Beaver and the Echo

Read aloud by Ms. Thornhill

Little Beaver and the Echo with ASL

Respect Catcher

Tell us about a time you were respectful at home.

"I was respectful when I called my Grammy to say thank you for the books she sent me."
"I help mom cook."
"I was respectful when my parents, and teachers were talking to me."
"I was respectful when my sis said to wash the dishes."
"I was respectful when we did zoom conference with my class."
"I was respectful when we did zoom conference with my class."
"Reading in Epic."
"I was respectful when my mom was praying."
"I was respectful when me, and my dad were going to to visit my grand mom, my aunt, and my two uncles."

Kindness Catcher

"Help my dad."
"I chose kindness when I see someone having a hard time."
"I offered to play a game with my sister."
"I choose kindness when someone gives me a hard time."
"Help my dad."
"Don't fight with my sister."
"Keep social distance to protect myself and others."
"Take care of my cats."
"Helped clean up messes I didn't make"
"I helped clean"
"be nice"
"I didn't bug Ivy."
"I let Lyra play with me."
"I let my sister use my coloring book."
"Make up some really fun games for me and my sister to play."
"When people get hurt , I say “sorry".
"Help my neighbor do her laundry because she hurt her back."

This resource and others found at EECS social worker's page:



This is a free resource of books for families. Read yourself or enjoy a read aloud. Books are available in many languages!

Watch Astronauts Read Popular Kids Books From Space

Here is the link to Stories from Space

Read A Poem Each Day