Kindergarten with Mrs.Chermak

Hello Owlets! Welcome to online learning!



1. Go to Flipgrid (click link) and login using your assigned number:

Alex 01, Bailey 02, David 03, Elliott 04, Frances 05, George 06, Gus 07, Henry 08, Jasiah 09, Javier 10, Joe 11, Myles 12, Osa 13, Retta 14, Samuel 15, Shoshana 16, Thea 17

2. Using Flipgrid listen to your teacher read and model a “Book Talk” about characters; how they are feeling and why they are feeling this way.

3. Go to Epic and listen to the book, Splat the Cat.

When you listen to the book use your “Book Talk Power!" Talk with your partner about the character(s). Tell your partner what the characters are doing, how they feel and why they feel that way.

WRITING: Today is an exciting day! We are starting All About Books! All About Books teach others real facts about a topic. Each book you write will be full of facts about something you know A LOT about. So we will start with the topic YOU know the most about...drumroll please…..


To get you thinking the facts that are true about YOU, please visit Seesaw.

Seesaw Activity: All About Me the Emoji Style! Have fun!

NOTE: Writers will need writing paper to use for these new books. We are emailing one option that could be copied and stapled into books. If you are unable to print then consider these options: use plain paper at home and draw the lines for headings and sentences or use a spiral bound notebook and do the same. (We don’t recommend the black and white notebook we sent as the pages from the back fall out when you tear them out in the front. If you leave the pages in the notebook that could be all right.)

Please label a book to get ready for tomorrow’s writing:

Cover: All About me!

Table of Contents: 1. Facts About Me; 2. Family; 3. Favorite Colors; 4. Favorite Foods

Pages 1-4: Write the headings on each page.

Page 5: Writer’s choice! You decide! (Possible ideas: animals, sports, hobbies, games, books...)


  1. Math packet, Lesson 8-5: Decompose and Represent Numbers 6 and 7.

  2. Seesaw Activity: Decomposing 6-Varied Shapes and Decomposing 7-Varied Shapes and follow the directions.


1. Cut out your blue Snap Word cards.

  • (You do NOT have to know every word!! Several of these are newer words.)

  • Make 2 piles: one for the words you read quickly; one for the words we’ll learn. Pick one word you’d like to learn next from the pile of words you haven’t learned yet. STUDY it. READ it with a grownup. SPELL it out loud while looking at the slip. CLOSE your eyes and spell it again. OPEN eyes and check.

2. Activity: Coin Toss

Put some of your words on the floor (select some words from your “I know pile” and “Not yet pile”) take turns to toss a coin on to a word and say that word.

For an extra challenge: After saying the Snap Word, close your eyes or turn around, and try to spell the word. How did you do? Can you spell the word too?

PSO Lesson with Mr. Calvert (click link)


READING: Today you are going to practice Book Talk Power with your book pile. (10 minutes). Today when you read make sure you use all your extra-strength powers Reading Super Powers (click link). This will help you think and talk about your book character’s feelings.

  1. Make a pile of your fiction books from your Book Baggie.

  2. Pick a family member to read to. If a family member isn’t available for you to read to you can read to a stuffie or read in front of the mirror.

  3. Read one book to your partner.

  4. Now is Book Talk Time!!!

a.Tell who the important/main characters are.

b. Talk about one of the main character’s feelings and show in the book where the character was feeling that way.

c. Explain why you think the character feels that way.

5. Now pick another book and do it all over again!


Read your Snap Word cards.

Activity: Write your sight words in the air with your finger.

Seesaw Activity: Write and Type your Sight Words. Use five words from your “Not yet” pile.

MATH: In your green Math packet, Lesson 8-6: Decompose and Represent Numbers 8 and 9.

WRITING: Before you work on your “All About Me” book, let’s listen to one that is already done about another real person.

  1. Go to EPIC: Jane Goodall: Chimpanzee Expert and Activist. Before the book starts look at page 2. This is the Table on Contents. Ask your grownup to read that to you. Then listen to the book.

What did you learn about Jane Goodall? Tell a family member what you learned.

  1. Now it’s your turn to write. Leave the cover blank (write your name only). Follow these steps to get started:

a. Sketch a picture of yourself on the Facts About Me page.

b. Sketch a picture of your family on the Family page.

c. Sketch a picture on the Favorite Colors page. Draw items that are your favorite colors (Ex. a red apple, a red shirt, a purple flower, etc…).

d. Sketch a picture of some of your favorite foods.

e. This is the Writer’s Choice page. Sketch a picture of what you selected to write about.

SECOND STEP: Think of something you can’t do YET.

  1. Watch: Power of Yet (click link)

Discuss what the characters can’t do YET at the start of the video. How can they, (and anyone else), get better at something?

  1. Watch the read-aloud: The Thing Lou Couldn't Do (click link)

Discuss: what was it that Lou couldn’t do. Why? Why do you think she changed her mind? Could she climb trees by the end of the story? Did that surprise you? Why/why not? How will Lou get better at climbing trees?

HANDWRITING: Complete the next two pages in Handwriting Without Tears. Remember to follow these important rules:

  1. Use a sharp pencil and have an eraser ready.

  2. Sit up straight in your chair “stack your blocks”.

  3. Start your letters at the top.

  4. Take your time and follow the directions the book uses.