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The CreditPoint System (An Honor System)

The school has carried out the credit point system for a couple of years. It has helped the school function smoothly in various aspects.

Please continue this effort by doing the following:

Please sign up for various volunteer positions ahead of time.

On the day you show up to be on-duty, please arrive at the registration table to sign in at the appropriate sign-in sheet on the clipboard. There are clipboards holding Sheet A, B and C.

Sheet A will be labeled "For Room Parents to sign in – 2 credits given".

Sheet B will contain various labeled sections "For the Bell Ringer, Corridor Safety Patrols, Exit Guards and Road Safety Patrols to sign in – 2 credits given".

Sheet C will be labeled "For helpers of all other types of activities to sign in – 1 credit per hour". For example, if you help in different activities like the Chinese New Year Celebration, Speech Contest etc., or if you record cassette tapes for your classroom teacher, then this Sheet C is for you to sign in.

Lastly, if you help in the library, please arrive at the library to sign in at a clipboard there. This clipboard is kept by the librarian. It contains Sheet D labeled "For librarian assistants to sign in – 3 credits given". Regardless of which sheet you sign in, you need to provide us with your family code. Chinese and English charts will be taped onto the front and back of the board of each clipboard for you to look up your own family code.

At the end of each school day, the staff will collect Sheets A, B, C and D to update the cumulative no. of credits for each family on a master record. This master record and all those Sheets A, B, C, and D will be displayed in a binder at the registration table for the parents to refer to anytime. When registration for the following semester comes, the school will refund the deposit according to what the master record indicates. If a family performs more than 10 credits of volunteer work in a single semester, the extra credits will be automatically carried over into the following semester.