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Duty List for Class Representatives

One or two class representatives (Class reps) are elected for each class on the 3rd week of school days during the class meeting. They serve their class for one school year. Each semester, a class rep receives 10 credits. The class reps coordinate the volunteer activities within the class and contact parent volunteers.

Class Representatives are required to:

  1. Assist the teacher in arranging the snack schedule. It is usually up to the class to decide whether to provide snacks or not. Usually the parent who is scheduled to bring the snack is also required to stay in the classroom as an on-duty room parent. On-duty room parent will receive volunteer credits. A room parent can help out the teachers in the following ways: keep the children in order, correct assignments, borrow/return equipment and collect/hand out assignments and materials. After roll-call, if the teacher finds out that there are more attending students than the registered list of students, the room parent has to hand in the names of those unregistered students to the on-duty administrative staff members. After school is over, room parent has to check around the room and direct the students to clean up.

  2. Call up the on-duty room parent two days ahead of class to remind them to bring a snack and to be on duty. If the room parent says he or she won't be able to make it, then the class rep has to contact other parents to find someone to switch schedules with them.

  3. Manpower needs and plan for the class whenever the school requires all classes to participate in certain functions. (Please consult the administrative staff members when planning.)

  4. Call and notify all parents in the class in the following situations:

    1. Administrative staff members calling to notify the class reps that school is cancelled due to snow day.

    2. Parent Representative calling to notify the class reps that there is an upcoming parents meeting.

    3. Any other emergency situations.

  5. Collect class funds if there is the need for one. The class fund is strictly for the class' use.

    1. Class reps are to keep charge of the money and record all income and expense. At the end of the school year, a written report of the income/expense has to be given to the parents.

    2. In the case of parents not being scheduled to bring snack or forgetting to bring snack, please let the class decide whether money should be collected from those parents to be deposited in class fund or not.

  6. Year-end party. This is entirely up to the discretion of the teacher and parents

We the staff would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers for your time and hard work!

If you have any question regarding these responsibilities, please contact Parent Representative, President of PTO.